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Atlantic South Western Waters
Arela De Mar Campaign promotional image including the translations to 5 Iberian languages: Arela De Mar (Galician), Anhel De Mar (Catalan), Anseio de Mar (Portuguese), Anhelo De Mar (Spanish) and Itsas Irrika (Basque). A Desire for the Sea

#ArelaDeMar used art, science & social media to bring the ocean to the community. Merging art & ocean science, it collaborated with local artists and researchers to connect the Iberian publics with the ocean, during and right after lock-down.

Last update: 18/08/20

Gijon : The Outermost regions perspective

Last update: 23/01/15

Call for proposals for project on maritime spatial planning in North Sea/North East Atlantic

A call for proposals has been issued for a preparatory action on maritime spatial planning in the North Sea\North East Atlantic. The deadline for submitting proposals is 28 September 2009.

Last update: 13/08/09