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Located in the Pacific Ocean, Japan lies to the east of the Sea of Japan
Fukushima - impact on marine environment - outcome of second EU-Japan meeting

The meeting was a follow up to one held a year previously. The objective was to take stock of radioactive contamination in waters and marine life in the Pacific following the meltdown of the reactors at Fukushima and, in the light of new measurements and insights, to reassess measures taken to prevent contaminated marine life entering the food chain

Last update: 03/07/18

Monitoring fish imports from Pacific following Fukushima accident


Last update: 04/01/12

Japanese sea food

Last update: 11/10/11

Mercator Simulation of Fukushima accident

  High resolution Global system Mercator: PSY4

Last update: 30/09/11

Comments from Japan on "risk of importing contaminated fish from outside Japanese EEZ following nuclear accident at Fukushima"

  Preliminary comments on “Risk of importing contaminated fish from outside Japanese EEZ following nuclear accident at Fukushima”    

Last update: 09/05/11

Contamination of fish landed in Japan following Fukushima accident

using data from Japanese Fisheries Agency   Cs137       I131         Number below detectable level

Last update: 05/05/11

Whereabouts of tuna in Japanese waters

All information is taken from Alain Fonteneau's "Atlas of tropical tuna fisheries", ORSTOM, 1997  

Last update: 05/05/11

Risk of importing contaminated fish From outside Japanese EEZ following nuclear accident at Fukushima

This assessment was made by the European Commission's Directorate General for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs on the basis of best available information. Comments, criticisma and additional analysis is invited. To provide comments on this page you need to login.

Last update: 03/07/18

Fukushima - marine contamination - sources of information

From the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries press page you can find the latest sampling of radioactivity in fish

Last update: 13/04/11

Seawater contamination at Fukushima - 30km from shore

Data from the Japanese authorities on contamination of I131 and Cs137 measured 30km from shore.   results show that:

Last update: 13/04/11