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Stakeholder Platform
The idea of an all embracing Maritime Stakeholders Platform was launched at the European Maritime Day Stakeholder Conference in Rome on 20 May 2009. Stakeholder representatives agreed to set up a "Steering Group", based on the five pillars: industry, environmental NGOs, science, regional authorities and recreational "users" of the sea. The initiative is headed by Johan Vande Lanotte, the former deputy Prime Minister of Belgium.
Venice Platform Declaration

In Europe, marine and coastal related activities have always played a major role in the economy and in social and cultural life, The European Maritime (policy promotes the further development of these activities, with due attention for the sustainable use of coastal and marine resources and for the impacts of global change and climate-related hazards.

Last update: 28/04/10

Steering Committee for Stakeholder Platform

The "Group of Ten" is a Steering Committee for the establishment of an all-embracing Integrated Maritime Policy Stakeholder Platform.

Last update: 23/03/10

What is the integrated maritime policy stakeholder platform?

INTEGRATED MARITIME POLICY STAKEHOLDER PLATFORM The Blue Paper on Integrated Maritime Policy COM(2007) 575 and the Communication outlining the main components for integrated maritime governance COM(2008) 395 laid down that the principle of stakeholder participation belongs to prerequisites of a proper maritime governance framework.

Last update: 24/03/10