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Member State Expert Group
The mission of the Member States Expert Group on Integrated Maritime Policy is to assist the Commission to gather information relevant to the development of the EU Maritime Policy and to receive the views of the Member States on issues to be addressed. It brings together national public servants with one expert per Member state, plus observers from Iceland and Norway. The MS Experts Group meets every three months to discuss work in progress in maritime policy, both in Members States and in DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. As well as providing early input from Member State into Commission proposals, the meetings serve as a forum for the exchange of best practice.
23rd Meeting of the Maritime Policy Member State Experts Group

23rd Meeting of the Maritime Policy Member State Experts Group  

Last update: 26/05/16

Netherlands Presidency programme for integrated maritime policy

Information for the Member States Expert Group and Integrated Maritime Policy attachés

Last update: 01/02/18

Costs and benefits of EMODnet

There was some discussion in the Member States Expert Group about some of the numbers used in our presentation of proposed activities for marine knowledge. The impact assessment that accompanied our first Communication for marine knowledge provides explanations on costs and benefits. We believe that it gives a reasonable estimate of the size of the marine data infrastructure.

Last update: 22/07/12

Member states experts on marine knowledge for meeting 23 February 2011

Austria Thomas Reinthaler Dept. MeeresbiologieUniversität Wien

Last update: 19/02/11