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Call for activities for the EU4OCEAN Summit Ocean Literacy Festival!

Info Day on EU Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030’: A powerful wave of actions!

Discover the European Atlas of the Seas by visiting a virtual exhibition!

Join the Ocean Literacy Festival in the Black Sea

Let’s make the Black Sea Blue

Bringing Ocean and Climate to the classroom

EMSEA Virtual Summit 7-8 Oct 2021: Call for abstracts

Workshop Baltic Sea school projects

The Youth4Ocean Forum is calling all young people in the Baltic Sea Area!

Invitation to Webinar - Introducing a new Marine Arctic Data Portal powered by EMODnet Physics

Black Sea Action Day – speaking up for a clean and healthy sea!

Black Sea Workshop: European Blue Schools

Paving the way for collective Ocean Literacy initiatives in the Mediterranean Sea - EU4Ocean Workshop

The EU4Ocean coalition: what, what for, how?

Ocean literacy in the Arctic: EU4Ocean workshop

Ocean literacy in the Baltic: EU4Ocean event workshop

EU4Ocean Workshop: Taking Common Action For Making the Black Sea Sustainable

Black Sea BlueInvest workshop 2 September 15:30

The Youth4Ocean Forum kicks off!

Joining forces at the first “EU4Ocean workshop – Designing Ocean Literacy action in Europe

Common Maritime Agenda for the Black Sea: an added value strategy for the sustainable recovery of the region

The EU4Ocean Platform kicked off with a group of diverse and engaged founding members

Marine data to support aquaculture in the North Atlantic - Save the date!

10th meeting of the Black Sea SRIA group and EU R&I Days

Workshop MSP for Islands

5th Experts' meeting towards SRIA for the Black Sea/ 30 May 2018, Burgas (Bulgaria)

Blue growth investment needs and instruments in EU regions

Maritime Spatial Planning for Blue Growth - How to plan for a sustainable Blue Economy

MSP Conference - Addressing Land-Sea Interactions

2017 BLACK SEA STAKEHOLDER CONFERENCE ON BLUE ECONOMY, 15 September 2017, Batumi (Georgia)

Commission launches call for proposals worth EUR 1.5m to promote transnational touristic thematic routes in the European coastal areas

An agreed science case for a strategic management plan for the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in the North Atlantic

Arctic indigenous peoples dialogue 2016

Launching event: Workshop on integrated maritime policy and maritime spatial planning in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea (proceedings published)

ATLANTIC STRATEGY IN ACTION (includes webstreams)

Workshop on regional cooperation in the North Sea

3rd Black Sea Stakeholder Conference, 14-15 June 2016 in Odessa, Ukraine

How to achieve a better governance for the sea basin in the Western Mediterranean?

Pour un transport maritime plus propre et plus sûr dans le cadre d’une planification des espaces maritimes

Strengthening marine and maritime innovation and knowledge transfer

Developing Authentic and Attractive Destinations across the West Mediterranean

Call for proposal on Thematic Routes on Underwater Cultural Heritage just launched!

BLUEMED High-level Conference - 16 October at Pavillion Aquae – Expo Venice, Venice, Italy

North Sea checkpoint - how complete, how accessible and how useful are the marine data in the North Sea?

Workshop: Towards the development of a strategic Environmental Management Plan for deep seabed mineral exploration and exploitation in the Atlantic basin

Technical workshop:Socio-economic monitoring of the Atlantic

Second Black Sea Stakeholder Conference, 24 March 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria

Atlantic Seabed mapping workshop

Working group on Ports and Fisheries on the 18th of June in Cherbourg

4th Regional Meeting of the IMP-MED Project (Bremen, Germany, 21 May 2014)

Science and Governance of the Marine Ecosystem of the English Channel - Cross-Channel Forum

IMP-MED Project Activities - 7th Regional Technical Workshop - 2nd Study Tour (Tunisia - France, 24-28 March 2014)

Atlantic Strategy: Workshop on directly managed funds and operational programmes

Arctic Indigenous Peoples' Dialogue

Blue Growth in the Atlantic - progress meeting

Blue growth in Atlantic - study kicks off

BSRAC Joint Working Group

BSRAC Executive Committee and General Assembly

MED RAC WG 4: Recreational Fisheries

MED RAC WG1: EC Legislation's impact on Mediterranean Fisheries

Atlantic forum, coastal and deep sea natural resources

Risk from contamination of marine environment in Pacific after Fukushima

BluemassMed European Demonstration Day

Atlantic Forum - meeting in Lisbon

SAVE THE DATE "Des Baleines et des hommes": le projet DAREWIN, le 19/1 à BXL au CLORA

Seminar on the "Future of Marine and Maritime Innovation in Europe"

Launch Event of the Commission's Communication on the European Atlantic Strategy

Europe and the Global Blue Economy

Outcome of EU-Japan meeting to assess risk to marine environment from Fukushima

EU-Japan meeting on the marine environment after Fukushima

SWW RAC EXCOM - 2011/11/24 - PARIS

NWWRAC - Working Groups - Bilbao, 13 April 2011

MED RAC Working Group on Shared Stocks, 19 April, Rome

MED RAC Working Group on Recreational Fisheries, 23 March, Barcelona

MED RAC Ad Hoc Working Group on Swordfish, 22 March, Barcelona

MED RAC Executive Committee, 20 October, MAIB – The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari

MEDRAC Working Group on CFP Reform, 20 September, Malta

Outcome of meeting on risk to marine life from Fukushima accident

BSRAC Executive Committee

Fishing for Litter - The European Plastics Converters Annual meeting AGENDA

Meeting on assessing risk to marine species outside Japanese EEZ following accident at Fukushima

NSRAC WG 18/04/2011 Edinburgh

NSRAC WG 04-05/05/2011 London

MEDRAC WG 19-20/04/2011

SWWRAC WG 19/04/2011 Madrid

NSRAC WG 07/04/2011 Copenhaguen

NSRAC WG 08/04/2011 London

NWWRAC WG and EXCOM 13-14/04/2011 Bilbao

First Arctic dialogue workshop

Second Arctic Dialogue meeting

BSRAC Joint WG (Demersal, Pelagic and Salmon/Sea trout)

BSRAC Pelagic Working Group

BSRAC Demersal Working Group

European Maritime Day

MEDRAC GA and EXCOM 21-22/02/2011

NSRAC WG 18/02/2011 Edinburgh

BSRAC Executive Committee

BSRAC Executive Committee and General Assembly

The Future of Space Cooperation in the Arctic Region'.

Towards an integrated maritime Policy at the level of the Mediterranean coastal Regions

SWWRAC ExCom 17/03/2011 - Lisbon

SWWRAC WG 8-10/02/2011 - Porto

BSRAC workshop on discards

BSRAC Executive Committee 19th January 2011


MEDRAC WG on ICCAT 22/10/2010 Brussels

EUROCEAN 2010 Conference : 12 -13 October, Oostende, Belgium

October 19 2010 First CAMIS Cross-Channel Forum meeting, Exter, Devon, UK

NSRAC Demersal Working Group meeting

EC- SWWRAC/NWWRAC meeting 15/10/2010 Brussels

NWWRAC - EXCOM - 9th Sept 2010 - Madrid

Kick-off Conference of the BONUS Forum of Sector Research

NWWRAC - WGs, EXCOM and Presentation of ICES Advice: 06/07/2010-08/07/2010 - Paris

SWWRAC WG 09/07/2010 Canarias

MEDRAC EXCOM 08/06/2010 Marbella

MEDRAC GA 07/06/2010

NSRAC EXCOM 28-29/06/2010 Boulogne-sur-Mer

Maritime Museums of the Mediterranean celebrate the European Maritime Day

BS RAC Working Groups, Hamburg 8th and 9th June 2010

BS RAC Executive Committee - CANCELLED

European Maritime Day in the Azores

Council of Baltic Sea States Expert Group on Maritime Policy


LDRAC-GA-27/05/2010 LISBON

LDRAC meeting on the external dimension of the Reform of the CFP,12/05/2010 Brussels

European Maritime Day in Sicily - Siracusa

European Maritime Day in Sicily - Palermo

SWWRAC GA 11/06/2010 San Sebastian

SWWRAC ExCom 10/06/2010 San Sebastian

NWWRAC WG 07/05/2010 Brussels

NSRAC WG 26/05/2010 London

BS RAC 5th General Assembly

NSRAC WG 30/03/2010 LTMP for Nephrops

NSRAC WG 07/4/2010 Brussels

BSRAC WG 15/04/2010 Copenhagen

Kick off meeting for the EEA ENP/SEIS project

BS RAC Demersal Working Group


NSRAC WG 30/03/2010 London

NSRAC WG 22/03/2010 Copenhagen

NWWRAC WG 08/04/2010 Edinburgh

Workshop on the Archaeological Heritage of the Eastern English Channel: integrating data on the Continental Shelf

Atlantic Nature and Watersports OR Nature et Nautisme Atlantique (title tbc)

Plenary Session V "Restructuring coastal cities for sustainable growth"

SWWRAC ExCom 16/03/2010 - Lisbon

"Comparative session on sea basin strategies" (5.6)

"An integrated Atlantic strategy, a necessity for the EU" (5.5)

"Integrated Maritime Policy in the Mediterranean and Black Sea in practice" (5.4)

"Projects in the Baltic Sea Strategy" (5.3)

"Working Together to Manage the Marine Resources of the North Sea Region and Channel" (5.1)


"A global dimension of the European Maritime Policy: the Outermost Regions perspective" (1.4)

Maritime Spatial Planning - information meeting




BSRAC EXCOM 12/05/2010 Kalipeda

Council conclusions on Arctic issues



NWWRAC EXCOM 29/01/2010 Paris

PELRAC EXCOM 23/11/2009 Amsterdam

NWWRAC FG 03/11/2009 Nephrops management - Edinburgh

PELRAC WG 14/10/2009 Leiden

SWWRAC EXCOM 19/11/2009 - Madrid

NSRAC Demersal WG 24/10/2009 Netherlands

NWWRAC GA 28/10/2009 Dublin

NWWRAC FG 30/09/2009 Belfast

LDRAC WGs 01/10/2009 London

NSRAC WGs 25/09/2009 Gothenburg / Edinburgh

Maritime Transport: Scotland’s Sustainable Economic Growth Opportunity

BSRAC Conference 01-02/10/2009 Stockholm "BS Fisheries: Lessons Learned and Future Perspectives."

SWWRAC FG 25/08/2009 Lisbon

PELRAC EXCOM 17/09/2009 Amsterdam

PELRAC GA 17/09/2009 Amsterdam

PELRAC WGs 1 and 2 16/09/2009 Amsterdam

NWWRAC EXCOM 08/09/2009 Madrid