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The EMFF is the fund for the EU's maritime and fisheries policies for 2014-2020. The Fund is used to co-finance projects to support diversification and sustainable development of maritime economies in the Member States. 10% of the fund’s budget is spent directly by the European Commission through grants and procurements to support the development and implementation of EU maritime policy, such as for Blue Economy Window and BlueInvest Initiative.

Evaluation of Integrated Maritime Policy work programme 2011-2012 Objective (a) to foster the development and implementation of integrated governance of maritime and coastal affairs

summary of projects

Last update: 01/02/18

Evaluation of transitional financial programme of the integrated maritime policy - objective 2a - marine knowledge

The transitional financial programme for the integrated maritime policy is being evaluated. A number of projects were funded under the heading "cross-cutting tools". Those that had the objective of improving marine knowledge are summarised here.

Last update: 01/02/18

EU maritime policy - calls for tender


Last update: 17/07/12

Council Working Party on Internal and External Fisheries Policy


Start date: 19/04/2012 - 08:00
Last update: 19/04/12

IMP Work programme adopted by the European Commission on 12th March 2012

COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION of 12.3.2012 concerning the adoption of the Integrated Maritime Policy work programme for 2011 and 2012- [ C(2012)1447 ]

Last update: 12/03/12


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