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Register for Aegean autonomous boat race

Call for activities for the EU4OCEAN Summit Ocean Literacy Festival!

EMSEA Virtual Summit 7-8 Oct 2021: Call for abstracts

Black Sea Action Day – speaking up for a clean and healthy sea!

Joining forces at the first “EU4Ocean workshop – Designing Ocean Literacy action in Europe

EMOD-PACE Inception Meeting EMOD-PACE项目启动会议

10th meeting of the Black Sea SRIA group and EU R&I Days

Launching event: Workshop on integrated maritime policy and maritime spatial planning in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea (proceedings published)

3rd Black Sea Stakeholder Conference, 14-15 June 2016 in Odessa, Ukraine

BLUEMED High-level Conference - 16 October at Pavillion Aquae – Expo Venice, Venice, Italy

Second Black Sea Stakeholder Conference, 24 March 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria

EMODnet Information day at Ifremer - draft agenda

Science and Governance of the Marine Ecosystem of the English Channel - Cross-Channel Forum

MED RAC WG 4: Recreational Fisheries

MED RAC WG1: EC Legislation's impact on Mediterranean Fisheries

Atlantic forum, coastal and deep sea natural resources

Atlantic Forum - meeting in Lisbon

European Association of Fisheries Economics. Green and Blue Growth

Launch Event of the Commission's Communication on the European Atlantic Strategy

Flemish Fishermen for a Better Marine Environment



FARNET Transnational Seminar: Adding Value To Local Fisheries Products

NWWRAC - EXCOM - 9th Sept 2010 - Madrid

Kick-off Conference of the BONUS Forum of Sector Research

FARNET workshop - Italy

Maritime Museums of the Mediterranean celebrate the European Maritime Day

European Maritime Day in the Azores

European Maritime Day in Sicily - Siracusa

European Maritime Day in Sicily - Palermo

Conference of the Atlantic Arc Cities - Special Executive Bureau

Roundtable Session - Technology Platform for the Mediterranean and Black Seas (PTMB)

Innovazione e Ricerca Marittima: il ruolo della Piattaforma Tecnologica Nazionale – Maritime Innovation and Research: the role of the Italian Technology Platform


"Ellines aeináftes" - Greeks, sailor forever

UCINA- SATEC Convention "Nautica Italiana: Industria, Turismo e Ambiente - Italian Boating industry: Industry, Tourism, Environment

Workshop with schools on the theme "Ocean"

Parallel session: New challenges for port cities

Naval Auxiliary Industry Innovation Capacity and Competitiveness

Presentation of the publication "Nautical Guide Centro Region"

Art Exhibition - "Dimensão Marítima"

Sustainability of Marine Resources: from nature to biotechnological applications

New Products from the Sea:Innovation and Valorisation of fishing products

Visit of Secondary School to the Fishing Ports

Spatial Planning and coastal risk management

Visit of the Aveiro lagoon

Recreational boating as a development factor

Simposio internacional sobre deporte en el medio marino, medio ambiente y turismo

Workshop on the Archaeological Heritage of the Eastern English Channel: integrating data on the Continental Shelf

European Maritime Day 2010 - Lysekil Maritime Business Convention

Creation of the Latin American Maritime Cluster Network

"The values of the sea" - exhibition to spread the sea culture

International Symposium: Structural measures and policies for the outlining of new maritime career paths and professional skills

Elements of a Maritime Policy in Germany

Semaine de la mer et du littoral (Sea and Coastal Zone Week)

Colloque “Mer agitée, mer à gérer. Vers un aménagement de l'espace maritime.” / Symposium “Rough sea, sea to manage. Towards a management of maritime space.”

Towards an Integrated Martime Policy for a better governance of the Mediterranean. The way from Piran to Piran...

National Maritime Stakeholders Conference 2010

European Maritime Day in Luxembourg and Antwerpen

Sustainable estuarial regions: developments of the Waterford Estuary

Adopt a Beach - Adotta una spiaggia


Politiques et sciences de la mer : ensemble pour une politique maritime intégrée

"The common European Maritime Heritage as a challenge for Communication" (3.9)

"The role of local partnerships in developing innovative and sustainable strategies for fisheries areas" (1.9)

Round table "Future directions for the EU's Integrated Maritime Policy" (1.8)

"The reform of the Common Fisheries Policy linked to the development of coastal regions" (1.7)