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"Studies on maritime spatial planning" (6.13)

"Satellite Derived Information for Enhanced Maritime Surveillance" (6.9)

"Presentation of the European Federation of National Associations of Nautical Resorts and Annual Assembly" (6.7) PARTIALLY OPEN

"EUROGOOS: European Global Ocean Observing System" (3.4)

"Boosting the Competitiveness of Europe's Maritime Regions through Marine Science and Technology" (3.3)

"Observation and forecasting in the ocean. Critical aspects. From observation to information" (3.2)

"The European e-Maritime initiative" (2.7)

"Research and Development activities for improved capabilities in surveillance to enhance EU maritime border security" (3.13)

" EurOcean Executive Committee Meeting – New Opportunities for European Marine Cooperation" (6.12)

"Venice Platform conference: contributions to a European maritime platform" (6.11)

"Maritime surveillance challenges to security in EU" (6.10)

"Maritime surveillance policy in the EU" (6.8)

Maritime Industries Forum Plenary Session: European Maritime Champions – An endangered species by 2020? Sustainable employment, innovation and growth!(6.6)

ECASBA - The Ship Agent Is The Port Single Window (6.5)

"Maritime Spatial Planning: optimizing the sustainable use of seas and oceans" (6.4)

"Waterborne Technology Platform General Assembly" (6.2) RESTRICTED EVENT, access by invitation only

"The European Maritime Heritage, only history of future?" (6.1)