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"England in effect is insular, she is maritime, she is linked through her exchanges, her markets, her supply lines to the most diverse and often the most distant countries" (General Charles De Gaulle, 14 January, 1963.) Almost 30 % of the population lives within 10 km of the coast and around 95 % of international trade to and from the UK passes through sea ports

Blue Growth in the Atlantic - outcome of study (final version)

The study estimates gross added value and employment in the various activities that make up the blue economy and indicates the characteristics of each country.

Last update: 09/12/17

CAMIS Final Conference – A page is turned but a new chapter begins

Constituting the high-point of a major four-year project, the CAMIS final conference, which was held on the 21st of November 2013, in Ro

Last update: 02/10/14

Science and Governance of the Marine Ecosystem of the English Channel - Cross-Channel Forum


Start date: 02/07/2014 - 10:00
Last update: 28/02/14

Blue growth in the Atlantic - revised country papers

As part of the study, the contractors preparing country papers indicating the current status and growth rate of various maritime activities. These are revised versions that take into account comments on the first drafts.

Last update: 27/03/14

Focusing on the Channel – Collection of maps


Last update: 20/05/13

Energy studies and projects

  Irish-Scottish Links on Energy Study (ISLES)  

Last update: 30/07/12

Fishing for litter in south-west England

report   The issue of marine litter is an increasing problem for coastal communities throughout the world.

Last update: 21/12/11

Fishing for Litter in Scotland

  Marine litter is now recognised throughout the world as a threat to our precious marine environment that needs to be addressed. That’s why it is my ambition that Scotland leads the way on this important issue.

Last update: 03/12/11

SEAGITAL 2011 report (The international event on IT for SEA) / Actes de SEAGITAL 2011 (Les rencontres internationales du numérique au service des activités maritimes)


Last update: 29/11/11

Local authorities along the Channel coastline: What actions and what resources to tackle the risk of accidental maritime pollution?/ Collectivités du Littoral de la Manche: Quelles actions et quels moyens face au risque de pollution maritime accidentelle?

Local authorities along the Channel coastline: What actions and what resources to tackle the risk of accidental maritime pollution?

Last update: 29/11/11


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