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Organisation of CISE

While the Maritime CISE does not affect the way each party works, it requires that information exchange among them follows well defined and compatible codes

Last update: 14/07/14

CISE technical details

technological structure to allow for secure and fully interoperable exchange of information across borders and sectors

Last update: 14/07/14

Secure seas - global level

How CISE supports security operations

Last update: 14/07/14

Safer seas - regional level

How CISE helps search and rescue

Last update: 15/10/14

Cleaner seas - local level

How CISE can help oil-spill response

Last update: 14/07/14

Operational forward planning

planning coastguard operations

Last update: 14/07/14


Since 2007, the Common Information Sharing Environment (Maritime CISE) has been one of the five pillars of the EC’s Integrated Maritime Policy

Last update: 14/07/14

CISE benefits

Maritime CISE will bring about striking benefits for Member States and any authority that utilises information generated from the systems that currently supply data. Maritime domain awareness is a must, and with benefits of EUR 423 million per year once in place.

Last update: 14/07/14


Europe depends on Safe, Secure and Clean seas. Over 40% of Europe’s population and economic activity concentrated within 50 km of the coast. 80% of external EU trade and 40% of our internal trade is carried by sea. Thus, the security and safety of our maritime domain is paramount to all aspects of daily life, including the constant supply to our ports and harbours.

Last update: 14/07/14

What is CISE?

Maritime CISE (Common Information Sharing Environment) is a process of collaboration to enhance relevant information sharing between maritime surveillance authorities and their information systems in the European Union.

Last update: 14/07/14


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