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Maritime spatial planning and coastal zone management
The Channel Programme / Le Chantier Manche

The aim of the Channel Programme, developed and led by Ifremer Boulogne-sur-Mer, is to contribute to knowledge in support of the management of marine biological resources by developing a systemic, in

Last update: 13/09/11

The Channel Arc Manche / L'Arc Manche

The Arc Manche is a geographical area made up of the British and French territories bordering or within the English Channel.

Last update: 12/09/11

MARINEXUS project / Le projet MARINEXUS (Our shared sea : mechanisms of ecosystem change in the western Channel)

The MARINEXUS project, co-funded by the Interreg IV A France (Channel) - England programme, aims to reduce adverse effects of human activity on marine ecosystems and to encourage the sus

Last update: 23/08/11

CHARM project / Le projet CHARM (Channel Integrated Approach for Marine Resource Management)

The project has been selected within the scope of the INTERREG IV A France (Channel) – England cross-border European cooperation programme, co-financed by the ERDF.

Last update: 13/09/11

Chronexpo project / Le projet Chronexpo (Study about the effects of chronic exposure of marine invertebrates to environmental toxic compounds in the English Channel)

Main objective :

Last update: 19/12/11

LiCCo project / Le projet LiCCo (Living with a Changing Coast)

Main objective :

Last update: 23/08/11

DIESE Project / Le projet DIESE (Determination of pertinent Indicators for Environmental monitoring: a Strategy for Europe)

DIESE is a 4.5-years project financed by the European Interreg IVa France (Channel) / England programme and the French ONEMA, the office nati

Last update: 19/12/11

MERiFIC (Marine Energy in Far Peripheral and Island Communities - Energies marines dans les territoires insulaires et périphériques)

The maritime regions of Cornwall and Finistère are in a great position to benefit from the expected growth in marine renewable energy. Their peninsula nature and exposure to the Atlantic Ocean provides significant wave, wind and tidal resources.

Last update: 20/12/11

SETARMS project / Le projet SETARMS (Sustainable Environmental Treatment and Reuse of Marine Sediment)


Last update: 23/08/11

The CAMIS (Channel Arc Manche Integrated Strategy) Project / Le projet CAMIS (Stratégie Intégrée de l'espace Manche)

The CAMIS (Channel Arc Manche Integrated Strategy) project is a Franco-British co-operation project, co-funded by the Interreg IV A France (Channel) – England European programme.

Last update: 14/11/11


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