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Make Europe Blue Campaign

Fact of the week!

Did you know that only 40% of European surface waters (rivers, lakes and transitional and coastal waters) are in good ecological status? 


You may already know that “about 97% of Earth's water is in the ocean”. But did you know that “a protein found in a jellyfish has contributed to cancer research” or that “cigarette butts are one of the top items found in beach clean-ups”?

Finding out these curious, fascinating and sometimes alarming facts can help us understand how we humans are linked to the ocean and its wellbeing. Find out more facts HERE!

Will you help us Make Europe Blue?

A multitude of threats including climate change, overfishing and pollution is putting our ocean at risk, and changing course requires us to work together.

The Make Europe Blue campaign is calling on you - citizens, businesses, organisations, authorities, celebrities, educators - to make a pledge to help the ocean. Your pledge is a personal promise or action that will keep our ocean healthy. “Every action – even the smallest one - brings change to our ocean”

Joining is easy

  • Get inspired by our Ocean facts
  • Check out potential ideas for pledges and submit your pledge HERE
  • Share it with others using the #MakeEUBlue hashtag.

Inspire others

Every action creates a new drop of blue on our European canvas. The more we do, the bluer Europe becomes.

Invite others to hop aboard: your friends, family, business partners, competitors, your preferred celebrity or influencer. Tag them on social media and challenge them to make Europe Blue! 

Together – across borders, age groups, and cultures - we can take care of our shared ocean. We can make a difference, one pledge at a time.



Did You Know That... Exciting facts about the ocean!

Our Blue Planet is a marvellous place: a source of life, home to incredible wildlife and complex ecosystems.

So much of what is magical about the ocean is hidden under the surface of the water. In fact, we know more about than surface of the moon than the deep sea. We have a lot to learn.

The more we know about the Ocean, the better we can act to ensure its wellbeing.

So let’s dive in with a few facts that may surprise you!



Your action matters! Make your pledge!

The Make Europe Blue campaign calls on citizens, businesses, organisations, authorities, and celebrities to commit to an action that can benefit the ocean.

A pledge is an an action you take to protect the Ocean. No matter where you live, what you do or the size of your contribution, we can all act together for a healthy ocean in Europe and beyond.

Any type of pledge that serves our ocean will be accepted, so use your imagination, get creative and - together - we will make this happen.



Our Featured Pledges about the Ocean

Everybody can make a difference for our Blue Planet. Get inspired by the pledges of journalists, educators, policy-makers, activists and organisations engaged in ocean protection.

Every action counts!

Meet a Blue Expert #5: Demystify the UNFCCC COP for climate

Thanks to Angelique Pouponneau, CEO of Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust, discover what is happening at the UNFCCC COP26

Last update: 29/10/21

#potavristou: Citizen science and participation for ocean literacy and health

Conservation action / Beach cleaning / Citizen science / Social media campaign

Last update: 20/09/21

Let’s make the Mediterranean Blue!

Launching event of the EU4Ocean Let's make the Mediterranean Blue Sea basin event.

Last update: 10/09/21

Génération Mer at IUCN World Conservation Congress

Participation of members of the Youth4Ocean Forum to the IUCN World Conservation Congress

Last update: 03/09/21

Make Baltic Blue - Ocean Literacy Event

Visit our main event webpage to find all information on the "Make Baltic Blue" ocean literacy event:

Last update: 01/08/21

Supporting Ocean Literacy in the Baltic - EU4Ocean "Let’s make the Baltic Sea Blue"

Let’s make the Baltic Sea Blue! 

Start date: 26/08/2021 (All day)
Last update: 14/07/21

Join the Ocean Literacy Festival in the Mediterranean Sea

The EU4Ocean Coalition is setting up a new round of engaging ocean literacy events. From scientific trekking, quizzes, science cafés or videos to public debates and educational activities for young changemakers and other audiences. There is no limit to your imagination, discover with us what different Mediterranean actors are proposing to make the Mediterranean blue!

Start date: 25/09/2021 (All day)
Last update: 12/07/21

The Youth4Ocean Forum is calling all young people in the Mediterranean Sea area!

This new call for project proposals of the Youth4Ocean Forum is designed to promote the ideas of young changemakers in the Mediterranean Sea basin region.

Start date: 24/09/2021 (All day)
Last update: 12/07/21

Klaipeda, European Youth Capital 2021 – The Exhibition "14 m3 of the Baltic Sea in 2050. Dystopia or Reality?" at the Lithuanian Sea Museum

Exhibition. Educational activities

Last update: 02/06/21

The Youth4Ocean Forum is calling all young people in the Baltic Sea Area!

This new call for project proposals of the Youth4Ocean Forum is designed to promote the ideas of young changemakers in the Baltic Sea basin region.

Start date: 26/08/2021 (All day)
Last update: 02/06/21


Map of pledges
Latest pledges submitted
I pledge to use my marine expertise to raise curiosity and awareness about our Ocean in my local community, and to use my passion for the environment and music to move and empower society!
Kate Larkin
City/Country: Bruges, Belgium
Theme(s): Ocean and climate, Food from the Ocean, Healthy and Clean ocean

See the pledge page here.

From shallow to deep, EMODnet Bathymetry keeps gathering bathymetry data from government, research and industry for refining its Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of the European seas, serving many uses.
Thierry Schmitt
Shom, EMODnet Bathymetry
City/Country: Brest, France
Theme(s): Ocean and climate

See the pledge page here.

"Our pledge is to avoid personal litter to become a marine litter"
Giulia Castiglioni
ML-CSA – Study the Marine Litter dispersion: CitizenScience Application Case (IIS CAPELLINI-SAURO, ITALY)
City/Country: La Spezia, Italy
Theme(s): Healthy and Clean ocean

See the pledge page here.

I pledge to continue living an ocean-conscious life: refuse seafood, reduce my carbon footprint while I am researching and raising awareness about how rivers can contribute to ocean health.
Luca Jendrek
City/Country: , Hungary
Theme(s): Healthy and Clean ocean

See the pledge page here.

EMODnet Ingestion pledges to continue attracting new data providers and further diversifying marine data ingested into EMODnet such as from civil society, citizen science and wider societal activities
Athanasia Iona
European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) Data Ingestion
City/Country: Athens, Greece
Theme(s): Ocean and climate, Healthy and Clean ocean, Open data and availability

See the pledge page here.

As a researcher, I strive to introduce marine science to citizens and young people and to make them understand the link between our world and the ocean. Personally I work to reduce the use of plastic.
Francesca Alvisi
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto di Scienze Marine /BlueS_Med/BlueNIGHTs
City/Country: Bologna, Italy
Theme(s): Ocean and climate, Healthy and Clean ocean

See the pledge page here.

EMODnet Human Activities pledges to keep on mapping the location and extent of all human activity in the ocean. Data on what we do in our oceans and where we do it is key to protecting them.
Alessandro Pititto
EMODnet Human Activities
City/Country: Rome, Italy
Theme(s): Food from the Ocean, Healthy and Clean ocean

See the pledge page here.

I pledge to continue reducing my use of single use plastics. In my organisation, we pledge to raise public awareness and take concrete action to achieve the ultimate goal of a sustainable ocean.
Veronique Landes
Mercator Ocean International
City/Country: Toulouse, France
Theme(s): Healthy and Clean ocean

See the pledge page here.


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