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The Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) of the European Union (EU) is a holistic approach to all sea-related EU policies. It is based on the idea that the Union can draw higher returns from its maritime space with less impact on the environment by coordinating its wide range of interlinked activities related to oceans, seas and coasts. Hence, the IMP aims at strengthening the blue economy, encompassing all sea-based economic activities.

This map shows the number of students in higher education in cities. Map of the Week – Education - cities and greater cities

This map shows the number of students in higher education in cities.

Last update: 27/01/23

One Ocean, One EMODnet: The European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) launches its fully unified marine data service with major functionality upgrades

EMODnet has reached a new stage as it launches its fully centralised marine data service, integrating all of its thematic services into one single portal. 

Last update: 26/01/23

"I was born in Asturias, a region on the shore of the Cantabrian Coast in the north of Spain. That is why my life has always been somehow related to the sea and its plentiful beauties" - Clara Becares, Functional analyst, Bilbomática European Atlas of the Seas short interview – Clara Becares

This short interview is part of a series of monthly publications that will allow you to discover the work and activities of experts involved in the development of the European Atlas of the Seas as well as people from across Europe who use the Atlas and have a keen interest in the ocean, seas and coastal areas. Stay tuned and find out who they are, what they do and why they have a special connection to the ocean! This month, we meet Clara Becares who works as a Functional analyst for Bilbomática in Spain.

Last update: 26/01/23

The Map of the Week shows the macroalgae and microalgae producing facilities by production methods. For macroalgae, this includes harvest and aquaculture. For microalgae, this includes photobioreactors, open ponds, fermenters, photobioreactors and open ponds, photobioreactors and fermenters. Map of the Week – Algae production facilities

This map shows macroalgae and microalgae producing facilities across Europe.

Last update: 20/01/23

Mean underwater depth Map of the Week – Mean underwater depth

This map shows the bathymetry, the average depth of the water column, in the European region with a resolution of 1/16 - arc minute (~ 115 meter), as well as the topography of the land or terrestrial areas.

Last update: 13/01/23

Hack4Oceans II Challenge - New sustainable foods and resources

How might we integrate a holistic approach of environmental and socioeconomic impacts of food, aiming at changing consumers’ eating behaviour (eat local seafood, eat bivalves and algae)? How create incentives and accelerate a fair transition of fishers and seafood producers, to achieve lower impact and lower scale of seafood production? ...

Last update: 13/01/23

Hack4Oceans II Challenge - Coastal ecosystems

How might we communicate the impact of human activities on coastal ecosystems, increase ocean literacy/awareness for the general public, to create public support for ecosystem conservation? How might we attribute values (monetary and others) to coastal ecosystem activities and services, helping evaluate externalities, to reduce human-induced pressures on coastal ecosystems by stakeholders and the general public? ...

Last update: 13/01/23

Hack4Oceans II Challenge - Ocean and climate change

How might we support the maritime industry’s transition towards lower climate impact of marine activities (marine transport /tourism/ aquaculture / fisheries etc.) to preserve ocean ecosystems? How might we develop and implement tools that actively help people reduce or mitigate their personal or professional maritime impact on climate change? ...

Last update: 13/01/23

Hack4Oceans II Challenge - Marine Litter

How might we accelerate the usage of litter removal technologies by ports, local water authorities and coastal communities? How might we increase citizens’ access to and involvement in marine litter data collection by providing them with better and easier-to-use tools and methods? ...

Last update: 13/01/23

Hack4Oceans II Hack4Oceans II

A Youth Innovation Event, open primarily to undergraduate students from across Europe who are studying disciplines relevant to the blue economy

Last update: 13/01/23


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