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To develop their Marine Spatial Plans, Member States are requested to use ‘the best available data and information’ and to make use of ‘existing instruments and tools for data collection’.  Spatial planning requires data on the marine environment, what is happening in it and what will happen. As Member States progress with the development of their Maritime Spatial Plans, it is becoming apparent that the challenges linked to marine data and information availability and interoperability are important.

Subgroup 2- Harmonization of Terminology and Nomenclature for MSP Output Data. 29 October 2020 - Online Meeting

This is the 2nd meeting of the Subgroup 2.

Start date: 29/10/2020 - 11:00
Last update: 18/12/20

Subgroup 1 – Mapping of existing and available MSP data across the EU. 30 June 2020 – Online Meeting.

Under the TEG, a working sub-group has been formed to focus on Mapping of MSP-related studies and data sources. The first meeting of Subgroup-1 aimed to address the issue of data sources, availability and requirements, which will require cooperation across sea basins to identify the needs in the area of MSP data for implementation.

Start date: 30/06/2020 - 14:00
Last update: 18/12/20

Subgroup 2 – Harmonization of terminology and nomenclature for MSP output data. 28 May 2020 – Online Meeting

The Technical Expert Group on MSP Data has been established to increase dialogue within the European MSP community and to move towards more robust and common standards in terms of MSP-related data collection and delivery. Under the TEG, a working sub¬group has been set to focus on harmonization issues and to identify or elaborate potential common data models (structure, format, nomenclature, etc.).

Start date: 28/05/2020 - 10:00
Last update: 18/12/20

Test 1 - Annual Planning

this document summarize the main activities and tasks of the group for year 1

Last update: 23/04/20

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