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Maritime CISE

A Common Information Sharing Environment for Maritime Surveillance in Europe

CISE is a voluntary collaborative process, across authorities and borders, to enhance and promote awareness over the European maritime domain, for the prosperity and security of the EU and its citizens

Minutes of the 20th meeting of the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) of 27.04.2015

Last update: 02/12/15

Improvements in SafeSeaNet to integrate in Common Information Sharing Environment (CISE)

results of a study

Last update: 27/09/14

Facts and figures on CISE

Globalisation, changing geopolitical scenarios and the growing pressure on marine resources and maritime activities has resulted in a significant increase in new threats and risks for Europe.

Last update: 14/07/14

Frequently asked questions on CISE


Last update: 14/07/14

Organisation of CISE

While the Maritime CISE does not affect the way each party works, it requires that information exchange among them follows well defined and compatible codes

Last update: 14/07/14

CISE technical details

technological structure to allow for secure and fully interoperable exchange of information across borders and sectors

Last update: 14/07/14

Secure seas - global level

How CISE supports security operations

Last update: 14/07/14

Safer seas - regional level

How CISE helps search and rescue

Last update: 15/10/14

Cleaner seas - local level

How CISE can help oil-spill response

Last update: 14/07/14

Operational forward planning

planning coastguard operations

Last update: 14/07/14


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