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Participatory process towards new MPA's

Short description of the action: 
Having been alarmed by local authorities on the need to protect one of the largest natural coastal reefs in Portugal, on the coast of Alagarve, benefiting from its unique natural conditions and marine biodiversity, protecting as well its small artisanal fisheries, Oceano Azul Foundation promoted and facilitated a unique participatory process in Portugal, with the involvement of University of Algarve, the Municipalities of Albufeira, Lagoa and Silves, in addition to dozens of local, regional, and national entities. The participatory process occurred during a timeframe of almost 3 years and involved more than 70 entities, resulting in the proposal for the creation of a Marine Protected Area of Community Interest in Algarve: Marine Natural Park of the Algarve Reef – Pedra do Valado. The proposal presented to the Portuguese Government will thus provide the country with an innovative governance mechanism where the main local entities will participate in the management and implementation of this Marine Protected Area. The creation of this Marine Protected Area of ​​Community Interest, totaling an area of 156 km2, is based on two fundamental principles: – Solid technical-scientific foundation; – Active participation of all interested parties, including professional and recreational fishing associations, representatives of maritime-tourism companies, regional, local and central administration, scientific research centres, sports federations, maritime authority, schools, non-governmental organizations and businesses. Objetive: Contribute to the implementation of Marine Protected Areas at the national and international levels establishing partnerships and supporting science-based processes. Expected Impacts: - Promote the establishment of new MPAs. - Improve the effectiveness of current MPAs.
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The action contributes to the following objective or enabler: 
Protect and restore marine and freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity
Public mobilisation and engagement
Type of action proposed: 
Citizen engagement, citizens-science, youth-led initiatives, communities of practice, ocean and water literacy, outreach, awareness raising and participatory approaches
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Atlantic/Arctic coast
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Start date of the action: 
Friday, 1 March, 2019
End date of the action: 
Saturday, 31 December, 2022
List of Partners: 
Centre of Marine Sciences of the University of the Algarve Municipalities of Lagoa, Silves, Albufeira WWF Portugal
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