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New challenge for schools: "Be a scientist! Mapping climate change at seas & coast"

Event date:
10/06/2022 (All day) to 20/11/2022 (All day)
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    Participate in the new Education for Climate Coalition challenge - "Be a scientist! Mapping climate change at seas & coast" - to experience science & research and mapping data from behind the scenes of the European Atlas of the Seas!
    Education for Climate Challenge

    The Education for Climate Coalition and the European Atlas of the Seas are inviting schools to take part in a new challenge, "Be a scientist! Mapping climate change at seas & coast".

    This challenge takes you on a six phases scientific wave ride. It started before the summer but you can join the challenge at any stage!

    Become familiar | concept experience (past phases)

    1. Let's play a boat race within the European Atlas of the Seas to immerse ourselves.

    2. Let's re-play - you have the opportunity to play and repeat the boat race in class in a challenge against other classes to reflect playfully on issues of marine geography and environmental sustainability.

    Did you miss these activities?

    Experiment | develop (active phase)

    3. Let's create our own map collectively and select the topic the map shall cover around climate change

    This phase of the challenge is currently open for participation. Three topics have been proposed for the new map that will be created:

    • Precipitation
    • Water transparency
    • Water temperature

    We collectively want to select one topic. Make sure you register your vote by 4 September 2022 and enroll for the online workshop on 7 September 2022. During the workshop, we will provide further information on the challenge, explain how to collect and report data and information and discuss nice activities to engage students!

    4. Let's be scientists - What data do we need for this topic map and how can we collect it (tools & measurement?)

    Explore | field work (future phases expected from 12 September to 20 November 2022)

    5. Let's explore, collect and report to bring together insights for our map!

    6. Let's create the community map based on the reported data - and re-play!

    Join us! Let's meet the challenge together!