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Published on: Wed, 18/08/2021 - 11:33
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    Wind energy

    The map with locations of wind farms (points) gives a nice overview of the location of offshore wind farms.  Zoom in to see more details. Click on one of the symbols to get information on the wind farm concerned (location, geospatial coordinates, country, status ....)

    Use the map with locations of wind farms (polygons) to see the size of the offshore wind farms, as well as the other information.  Click on a polygon to get more information.

    Use the measurement tool to calculate the surface of the area (polygon).  You can convert Sq Kilometres to Acres or Sq. Miles. Measure the distance of the wind farm to the coast.

    Combine the map of locations of wind farms with the map on average wind speed and direction to see why these locations have been chosen.  Do the same with the bathymetry and topography (change transparency for this map with the glider in the parameters).  Discuss what influences the decision for the location of a wind farm.