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BlueInvest Corporate Days

Published on: Wed, 04/03/2020 - 10:57
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    BlueInvest Corporate Days


    Bridging the gap between SMEs and large companies can prove to be a vital strategy for business acceleration and growth and for the development of mutually beneficial partnerships between innovative SMEs and corporates.

    SMEs benefit enormously from interactions with the private sector, particularly with corporates, not only as potential clients but also as partners for better market access and tapping into global value chains. Similarly, corporates can benefit by fostering new partners for improving their products and services, having access to innovative technology and potential investment opportunities.    

    The potential and mutual benefits that can be generated by and for corporates creates a sound case for their increased involvement in the BlueInvest community

    The technologies in focus within the BlueInvest community can support innovation both at the organisational and service levels. This type of innovation will be in higher demand as regulatory and economic initiatives linked to the EU Green Deal will drive the need for corporates to adopt technologies and processes that are more sustainable.

    BlueInvest could support the initiation of cooperation between corporates and SMEs, ranging from research, pilots and trials, licencing, procurement, sales, investment mergers and acquisitions or any other type of business deal. These interactions could then be monitored throughout the course of the project, with the ultimate objective of tracking deal flows.

    An important step towards onboarding relevant investors and corporates into the platform would be through the organisation of the “BlueInvest Corporate Days”: an exclusive full or half-day event at a corporate or investor’s premises.

    Event concept 

    • Up to 10 selected high potential SMEs/start-ups/projects will be identified and targeted based on the corporate/investor’s specific needs/requirements
    • Companies will visit the corporate’s headquarters and be given the chance to either commercially pitch their technology or co-design a solution customised to the corporate/potential client (e.g. service jam, technical workshop or co-design / co-creation session)
    • The objective (non-mandatory) would be for companies to receive a Letter of Intent or Expression of Interest from a potential corporate client or investor which would lead to a sale or investment. 
    • Corporates are selected based on sector, markets, level of awareness and engagement in the Blue Economy and focus on sustainability. 

    Event organisation

    • Corporates would sponsor the event by providing:
      • a meeting room at its premises and refreshments
      • staff for the organisation of the event: 1. liaison contact for logistics purposes; 2. a contact to review the profiles of participants 3. management representatives to attend the event
      • facilitation of one-to-one meetings between the visiting SMEs with relevant decision-makers or potential “champions” within the firm
    • The PwC BlueInvest team would organise the following aspects: 
      • Briefing with the corporates on the main needs and profiling of relevant technologies for the corporate for matching with the right SMEs
      • invitation of SMEs
      • general support to the event organisation (e.g. briefing SMEs, liaison, format definition, agenda preparation)
      • support to SMEs in preparing for the refining their offer/pitch 
      • support during the event, facilitation, feedback collection 


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