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Meeting summary: 7th meeting for developing a SRIA for the Black Sea/ 15 JAN 2019, Brussels

Published on: Mon, 04/03/2019 - 10:36
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    The meeting took place in Brussels and included another session of interactive discussions on the pillars of the draft SRIA and the actions that can be pursued to reach the selected objectives. The draft content of SRIA was further refined by the METU team and shared with the group members ahead of the 8th meeting, scheduled on 18 March 2019 in Istanbul

    The 7th meeting discussed the latest document on the SRIA pillars (with many thanks to you all for your contributions and to the METU team for their excellent consolidation work).  2018.11.27_bs_sria_pillars_v0.docx

    The agenda of the meeting can be seen here:  draft_agenda_-_black_sea_-_15.1.2019.docx

    Following the interactive discussions a new, consolidated version of the SRIA emerged:  2019.02.12_bs_sria_pillars_v1_feb12.docx

    The next meeting, scheduled on the 18 March 2019 in Istanbul, will aim at finalising the SRIA content.