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Published on: Wed, 19/08/2015 - 12:46
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    See member list and individual profiles of the Finance Committee members


    Ronnie Quinn - Crown Estate



    Harvey Applebe - Vattenfall

    Lynne Bryceland - Scottish Power

    Michael Bullock - Renewable Risk Advisers

    Brian Carroll - Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources (DCENR) 

    Tim Cornelius - Atlantis

    Neil Davidson - Aquamarine Power

    Simon De Pietro - DP Energy

    Per Ebert - Wavestar

    Sian George - Ocean Energy Europe

    Remi Gruet - Ocean Energy Europe

    Christoph Harwood - Sustainable Marine Energy

    Thierry Kalanquin - DCNS

    Javier Marquez Gonzales - EVE

    Steve Martin - DECC

    Mary McAllan - Scottish Government

    Kieran O'Brien - Carnegie Wave Energy

    Andrew Smith - Scottish Investment Bank

    Douglas Robb - Aquamarine Power

    Yago Torre-Enciso - Tecnico

    Oliver Wragg -  European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)



    /maritimeforum/es/file/finance-ronniequinnjpgFinance - Ronnie_Quinn.jpg

    Ronnie Quinn

    Ronnie Quinn

    Ronnie is responsible for The Crown Estate’s Ocean Energy portfolio, comprising all the wave and tidal developments in UK waters. In addition he leads the Energy and Infrastructure portfolio in Scotland from our Edinburgh office. He has extensive experience within the electricity industry.

    Prior to joining The Crown Estate he was a consultant advising on electricity market restructurings, price controls and transmission policies, previously he had roles as Managing Director of Scottish Electricity Settlements Ltd and (non-executive) Director of the MRA Service Company.


    /maritimeforum/es/file/finance-andrew-smithjpgFinance - Andrew Smith.jpg

    Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith

    Head of the Renewable Energy Investment Fund (REIF)

    Scottish Investment Bank

    Scottish Enterprise

    I joined the Scottish Investment Bank, Scottish Enterprise in June 2013 when I was appointed Head of the Renewable Energy Investment Fund prior to that I was a private sector lawyer for 30 years having been appointed Renewables Partner at Young and Partners, in July 2011 and during that tenure being appointed Head of the Energy Practice Group of the Alliuris International network.

    I lead the REIF team which invests debt and equity into Marine and other renewable energy projects.

    The largest inmvestment to date has been in the MeyGen tidal project off Scotlands north coast (+£20m debt/equity mix).


    /maritimeforum/es/file/finance-chris-harwoodjpgFinance - Chris Harwood.jpg

    Chris Harwood

    Chistoph Harwood

    Christoph Harwood is the Commercial Director of Sustainable Marine Energy (SME), a dynamic marine engineering company, based in East Cowes on the Isle of Wight that has developed a platform for tidal energy converters, PLAT-O, that facilitates the right positioning in the water column to maximise yield and minimises installation and maintenance costs to deliver low cost tidal energy.

    He has a deep experience of the renewable energy market bringing the lessons learnt from other sectors to the company and the industry.   His primary responsibilities are for fund raising and business development, selling the companies solution, PLAT-O, to the sector.

    Christoph ran his own environmental finance and strategy consultancy since 2009 building relevant experience not only in renewables but also in community energy, project funding and government policy. Prior to this he worked for UBS, in the Lloyd’s insurance market, for the consultants McKinsey, and for Shell.  He has a degree in Philosophy Politics and Economics from Oxford University and an MBA from Henley Management College.



    /maritimeforum/es/file/finance-michael-bullockjpgFinance - Michael Bullock.jpg

    Michael Bullock

    Michael Bullock

    Michael is a highly experienced insurance specialist, with more than 20 years in the London and Bermudian markets, having helped to found a Lloyd’s Broker and a specialist renewable energy underwriting unit for the Ascot syndicate at Lloyd’s.  More recently, in conjunction with renewable energy insurance veteran, Bill Lloyd, Michael set up Renewable Risk Advisers Ltd. to focus on the renewable sector, and with a particular focus on marine energy.

    He has particular experience of the offshore renewable energy industry having also worked in a specialist engineering consultancy, Sea Roc, and as Head of Risk Mitigation for Narec Capital.  He has a good knowledge of technology, engineering and marine construction /weather delay risks, as well as of the financial risks faced by projects, in addition to the requirements imposed by the various contracting and financing structures likely to be in place.

    Michael’s clients have included a wide variety of developers, utilities, technology manufacturers, and other major firms across the energy sector, and more recently marine energy clients including Atlantis Resources, Meygen Ltd., Marine Current Turbines, Tidal Energy Ltd., Marine Power Systems and Aquamarine Power.  Michael is a member of the Ocean Energy Forum Finance Steering Committee and of the Advisory Group of Wave Energy Scotland and has a Masters Degree in Finance from the London Business School.


    /maritimeforum/es/file/finance-javier-marques-fixedpngFinance - Javier Marques - Fixed.png

    Javier Marques

    Javier Marquez Gonzales

    EVE (Ente Vasco de la Energía) – Basque Energy Agency.
    1982 - to date.

    Professional Experience:

    Over 30 years in the energy sector, particularly in the field of renewable energy, including 5-10 years of specific experience in marine issues (Mutriku and bimep projects, with active involvement in the design and roll-out of EVE Group strategy and the setting-up, development and management of numerous PPP projects, e.g. Eólicas de Euskadi S.A. (EVE and Iberdrola) and IBIL S.A. (EVE and Repsol).

    In this respect, special mention is to be made of my role in designing the Basque Government strategy for the marine renewable energy sector and the setting up of bimep S.A., as the platform on the Basque coast for research into marine energy and jointly owned by EVE and IDAE , the Spanish Energy Agency.

    In my current post as Technical Director of EVE and as the former Director of the Department of Renewable Energy in EVE, I have managed a wide range of projects using different funding mechanisms. Furthermore, I have been responsible for the design of support programmes, ESCO driver programmes, public-private partnerships, joint ventures and governance boards, amongst others.

    • Conference speaker and chairman in numerous national and international seminars, conferences and congresses, e.g. Co-chairman of ICOE (International Congress on Ocean Energy) 2010, held in Bilbao.

    • Organiser of seminars, conferences and congresses, e.g. Bilbao Marine Energy Week, held in Bilbao

    •  Involvement and board member in different national and European associations, e.g. APPA, Ocean Energy Association.

    • Board member of the Sustainable Development (Energy and the Environment) Division of the Tecnalia Research and Innovation Centre, with over 1,500 researchers.

    • Lecturer on the course entitled “Gas and Electricity” organised by Orkestra - Basque Institute for Competitiveness (University of Deusto).

    • Collaboration with different central government Ministries and organisations (IDAE, CDTI) in the design of national energy and R&D strategies and programmes.

    • Publication of various articles and presentations on energy-related issues.


    • 1991: Masters in Business Administration: University of Deusto, Bilbao.
    • 1983: MSc in Industrial Engineering (major in Energy): University of the Basque Country.
    • Participant in the following programmes:
      • 2002: UDES-Mentoring; University of Deusto, Bilbao
      • 2011: MOC (Microeconomics of Competitiveness); Orkestra - Basque Institute for Competitiveness (University of Deusto, Bilbao)
    • Full member of the MOC International Alumni Network; University of Harvard.


    /maritimeforum/es/file/finance-tim-corneliusjpgFinance Tim Cornelius.JPG

    Tim Cornelius

    Tim Cornelius

    Tim is the Chief Executive Officer of Atlantis Resources Limited (“Atlantis”), chairman of the MeyGen tidal energy project (“MeyGen”) and chairman of Tidal Power Scotland Holdings Limited (“TPSH”). He has acquired a unique combination of academic, practical and commercial experience in the field of marine energy and is credited with growing Atlantis Resources Limited from start-up eight years ago to one of the world’s leading tidal power developers with a global project pipeline spanning Europe, Asia and Nth America. His core skill lies in deal origination and pipeline creation and he has considerable structuring experience in power projects bringing together project financiers with owner operators and technology providers. He has a broad understanding of global power and commodities markets and has a unique ability to draw on experience gained in the field to apply to investment decisions requiring a high level of technical, financial and legal scrutiny. Atlantis was the first company to go public on the London AIM exchange in 2014, the first company to reach financial close on a multi-turbine tidal array and recently completed the acquisition of Marine Current Turbines (“MCT”) from Siemens AG.

    Tim has a BSc. in Marine Biology from Flinders University, an MBA from Bond University awarded with High Distinction, and he remains a fully-certified submersible engineer, ROV pilot, commercial diver and fibre-optic technician. He currently lectures in emissions & weather trading and exotic environmental derivatives at various universities around the world



    Per Ebert

    Per Ebert has 37 years of experience with the energy sector, working with all the elements in the value chain from power plants, transmission- and distribution lines and to the customer. Both from the technical, business and management point of view, in both public energy companies and private companies such as Brown Boveri. 

    He has worked 12 years as CEO for Vattenfalls operations in Denmark. A job which started as a few person organization and through acquisitions to a company with over 800 employees, who produce 25 % of the Danish electricity and heat supply, and selling 12 % of the total consumption of electricity in the country. Annual revenue of nearly a 0.9 billion Euro. 

    The last 5 years worked with renewable energy production from heat pumps, sun cells and wave energy, in projects for the Danish energy authorities and technology developments for private companies on management-, regulatory- and technical level. Is employed, amongst others, for Wavestar for 5 years, and do projects for the Danish systemoperator about phasing wind-, sun- and wave energy in a system with baseload of coal- and gas fired units, and later system stability with a majority part of renewable energy production. 

    Has for a period of more than 17 years, been active in branch organizations such as Danish Energy and Danish Industry on board level and chairman for 9 years for Danish Energy electricity trading association. 


    /maritimeforum/es/file/finance-kieranobrienjpgFinance - KieranOBrien.jpg

    Kieran O'Brien

    Kieran O'Brien

    Mr O’Brien worked for more than thirty years for the Electricity Supply Board (ESB) of Ireland. He
    was a member of the executive management group for 15 years and was managing director of
    Ireland’s national grid for 10 years.
    He has been a participant in many international bodies, a founding member of Eurelectric and acting
    Secretary General of the World Energy Council.
    He is a Board Member of Carnegie Wave Energy (CWE), an Australian company developing a wave
    energy technology.


    /maritimeforum/es/file/finance-douglas-robbjpgFinance - Douglas Robb.jpg

    Douglas Robb

    Douglas Robb

    Chief Finance Officer, Aquamarine Power

    Douglas Robb is the Chief Finance Officer of Aquamarine Power and sits on the company’s board of directors as an executive director. Douglas has over 15 years of financial and operational experience with a range of quoted and private companies.

    His role is to lead the development and implementation of our business plan and corporate strategy and secure further private and public sector investment in support of the firm’s ambitious commercialisation plans.

    Dougie joins Aquamarine Power from Cornelian Asset Managers where he was director of finance, compliance and operations. Prior to this he held roles with Lloyds Banking Group and PricewaterhouseCoopers where he focussed on areas including real estate and corporate restructuring.

    Dougie is a chartered accountant and has a BA (Hons) in Economics.


    /maritimeforum/es/file/finance-oliver-wraggjpgFinance - Oliver Wragg.jpg

    Oliver Wragg

    Oliver Wragg

    Commercial Director
    European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) Ltd

    As EMEC’s Commercial Director, Oliver is responsible for providing a strategic business development regime to drive growth within the company. He joined EMEC in October 2013 following seven years’ experience in the marine renewables industry including Business Development & Project Manager at Atlantis Resources Corporation, and Wave & Tidal Development Manager at Renewable UK.
    Oliver sits on the Board of Ocean Energy Europe and is an Executive Committee Member. He has a BSc Honours Biological Sciences, an MSc Environmental Science, and in 2012 was awarded the Lennard Senior Prize for Outstanding Individual Achievement in the field of marine energy.