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Study to investigate state of knowledge of Deep Sea Mining: interim report

Published on: Sat, 29/03/2014 - 06:13
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    in order to develop an informed approach to deep-sea mining, the European Commission launched a study. A draft interim report has been delivered after 4 months looking at technological, economic, geological, legal and environmental aspects


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    This interim report provides an overview of the progress of the study till end of March 2014, with a main focus on three tasks that are most advanced, i.e. - Task 1 technology analysis - Task 3 legal analysis - Task 6 environmental analysis For the tasks referred to above, a detailed presentation of preliminary findings is included in subsequent report parts

    A, B and C. In part D, a summary of the progress and initial results of other tasks is given. A number of annexes are included in this report in which more detailed information related to the said tasks can be found. The preliminary findings will serve as input to the two workshops that will be held 29 and 30 April in Brussels. Any additional information and feedback received there, or through the Steering Committee, will be taken up in an update of the relevant sections as part of the (draft) final report.

    Accompanying the report is a note with feedback to comments from Commission services on the first draft of the report