Maritime Forum

Maritime Forum Themes

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BLUEMED High-level Conference - 16 October at Pavillion Aquae – Expo Venice, Venice, Italy

European Association of Fisheries Economics. Green and Blue Growth

Launch Event of the Commission's Communication on the European Atlantic Strategy


Maritime Museums of the Mediterranean celebrate the European Maritime Day

Conference of the Atlantic Arc Cities - Special Executive Bureau

Spatial Planning and coastal risk management

Simposio internacional sobre deporte en el medio marino, medio ambiente y turismo

Creation of the Latin American Maritime Cluster Network

"The common European Maritime Heritage as a challenge for Communication" (3.9)

"The role of local partnerships in developing innovative and sustainable strategies for fisheries areas" (1.9)

Round table "Future directions for the EU's Integrated Maritime Policy" (1.8)

"The reform of the Common Fisheries Policy linked to the development of coastal regions" (1.7)