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The Ocean Energy Forum was formed of 3 work streams for Environment & Consenting, Finance and Technology; each work stream had a Steering Committee and Chair. The three work streams allowed consensus building to take place at a topic-specific level thus enabling pragmatic solutions to issues to be developed.

The Forum and the Chairs were supported by a Secretariat, appointed April 2015, whose responsibility is the production and timely delivery of the Strategic Roadmap. The Strategic Roadmap was delivered to the European Commission on 08 November 2016.

Change of date - What opportunities does the EIB offer to the ocean energy sector?

5th October 2015 Brussels, Berlaymont, Salle Jean Rey

Start date: 05/10/2015 - 14:30
Last update: 12/11/15

Ocean Energy Forum third workshop

The Ocean Energy Forum was established in April 2014 to accelerate the development of the ocean energy. It brings together key stakeholders to work on the issues that currently hinder further progress in the sector. It is organised into three workstreams: a technology workstream, a finance workstream and an environmental and consenting workstream. These groups have permanent steering groups and chairs but anyone with a stake in the sector can join any workstream and contribute. The Forum has already met two times in large plenary sessions: for the opening in Brussels in April 2014 and in Dublin in June 2014. A highlevel meeting with ministers and CEOs took place in October 2014 in Paris.

Last update: 01/02/18

Ocean Energy Forum second workshop

This workshop followed up on the initial discussions that had taken place at the Ocean Energy Forum launch event on the 4th of April in Brussels. In Dublin, the Steering Groups of the three workstreams were introduced and their members were asked to refine workstream agendas and develop a work plan for the next three months. Given that this event followed the final conference of the EU-funded SI OCEAN project, which set out to develop a strategic technology agenda and a market deployment strategy for the tidal and wave energy sectors, the participants were particularly encouraged to debate how these documents can be used in the upcoming work of the Forum

Last update: 01/02/18

Ocean Energy Forum first workshop

The European Commission is supporting the creation and organisation of an Ocean Energy Forum. This Forum brings together stakeholders in a series of workshops in order to develop a shared understanding of the problems at hand and to collectively devise workable solutions. It will be instrumental in building capacity and critical mass as well as fostering cooperation through the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders. The forum will also explore the synergies with other marine industries, particularly offshore wind, in matters relating to supply chains, grid connection, operations and maintenance, logistics and spatial planning, bringing together people from the industry, the Member States and regions, financers, NGO.

Last update: 01/02/18

Ocean Energy Forum fourth event - open session Bilbao, July 2015

The Ocean Energy Forum was created by the European Commission in 2014. It provides a meeting place for industry, the public sector and NGOs to discuss how to overcome the barriers to the development of the ocean energy sector and help it on the path to full-scale commercialisation.  

Last update: 01/02/18

Ocean Energy Forum first workshop

  OCEAN ENERGY FORUM LAUNCH Friday, April 4 2014, Brussels Schuman room, Berlaymont 8.30 – 9.00      Registration and coffee 9.00 – 9.10      Welcome by chair Bernhard Friess, Director DG MARE

Start date: 03/04/2014 - 08:30
Last update: 08/12/15


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