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Offshore energy was until recently synonymous with oil and gas. European technology continues to drive innovation in this sector and this enables exploration and exploitation under ever more hostile conditions. However other forms of energy, wind especially but also tide and wave, are beginning to promise feasible solutions that can enable Europe to meet its renewable energy goals.

Caliph Prospect Simulated oil spill in the Mediterranean

as part of an exercise to test how quickly it was feasible to react to a marine disaster in the Mediterranean, the project team was informed without warning of an oil leak.

Last update: 05/11/14

Simulated oil discharge in the North Sea

as part of an exercise to test how quickly it was feasible to react to a marine disaster in the North Sea, the project team was informed without warning of an oil leak.

Last update: 04/11/14

Study in Support of Impact Assessment Work for Ocean Energy

The ocean energy sector is on the brink of commercial development. Europe is currently in the lead in this emerging industry both in terms of technological capacity and deployment. There are several barriers, however, which could jeopardise the future of this clean energy industry. The EU can intervene to help resolve some of these issues. Depending on the strength of this intervention, the market uptake by 2035 could range from relatively modest (4.3GW) to strong (10.5GW). The study concludes that the economic, social and environmental benefits are maximised under the strong policy intervention scenario, which presupposes the use of robust policy measures supporting renewable energy proliferation.

Last update: 10/09/14

Pressure and Activity on the Marine Environment / Activités et Pressions sur le Milieu Marin

Lessons learnt from the PEGASEAS capitalisation project / Les apports du projet de capitalisation PEGASEAS

Last update: 01/02/18

Ocean Energy Forum first workshop

  OCEAN ENERGY FORUM LAUNCH Friday, April 4 2014, Brussels Schuman room, Berlaymont 8.30 – 9.00      Registration and coffee 9.00 – 9.10      Welcome by chair Bernhard Friess, Director DG MARE

Start date: 03/04/2014 - 08:30
Last update: 08/12/15

Ocean Energy: Feedback Statement of the Online Public Consultation held from 14 June to 14 September 2012

Ocean energy (OE) is one of the focus areas identified as a potential source of growth in the European Commission's Blue Growth Communication[1].

Last update: 06/12/12

Energy studies and projects

  Irish-Scottish Links on Energy Study (ISLES)  

Last update: 30/07/12

ISIS workshop

Venue   Microsoft Executive Briefing Center for European Innovation Avenue des Nerviens 85 1040 Brussels Contact: +32 (2) 740 46 11   Host When you arrive at the venue, ask for our Microsoft Host: Andreas Berthold van der Molen,   

Start date: 14/09/2011 - 06:00
Last update: 14/09/11

The Channel Arc Manche / L'Arc Manche

The Arc Manche is a geographical area made up of the British and French territories bordering or within the English Channel.

Last update: 12/09/11

MERiFIC (Marine Energy in Far Peripheral and Island Communities - Energies marines dans les territoires insulaires et périphériques)

The maritime regions of Cornwall and Finistère are in a great position to benefit from the expected growth in marine renewable energy. Their peninsula nature and exposure to the Atlantic Ocean provides significant wave, wind and tidal resources.

Last update: 20/12/11


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