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Project name Countries Project one-liner Markets
La Bella Verde Spain Solar-electric catamarans Blue energy, Coastal and marine tourism, Shipbuilding and ship repair
Landing Aquaculture BV Netherlands Aquaculture solutions: Recirculating Aquaculture Systems & onboard water treatment for fish processing in offshore vessels. Aquaculture, Fisheries, Marine services
Lightbee Spain Visible light communications technology Blue biotechnology, ICT applied to maritime sector
Local Ocean / UAB Investara Lithuania Bring high quality and locally produced shrimps to consumers Aquaculture
Localised seaweed processing Ireland Sustainable scalable profitable seaweed processing Aquaculture, Blue biotechnology, Coastal and environmental protection, Conservation Of Fauna And Flora
LOOP Wind Portugal Optimisation solution for wind offshore platforms. Blue energy, Ocean Energy, Key enabling technologies
Lusalgae Portugal Seaweed processing Aquaculture
Magallanes Renovables Spain Tidal energy floating platform solution Blue energy
MAPPEM Geophysics France Marine electromagnetic investigation Blue energy, Key enabling technologies, Marine services, Offshore oil and gas, Other, Sea bed mineral resources
Marine Feed Sweden AB Sweden Zero emission fish feed substitute Aquaculture
Marine Performance Systems Netherlands Reduces fuel consumption, emissions, and fouling, enabling shipowners to reduce operating costs. Marine Products, Coastal and environmental protection, Transport
MaritimeAPI Greece AI for maritime data management ICT applied to maritime sector
MEALFOOD EUROPE S.L. Spain Sustainable protein Aquaculture
METIS Cyberspace Technology SA Greece AI and personal assistant for smart shipping. Aquaculture, Blue energy
Meton Innovatence Greece 24/7 worlwide Detection of Sea Contamination Coastal and environmental protection, ICT applied to maritime sector, Key enabling technologies, Marine services, Ocean waste management, Offshore oil and gas
MH FLOW WATER TECHNOLOGIES LTD Cyprus Carbon neutral ballast water management system for vessels. Coastal and environmental protection
MICROBIA ENVIRONNEMENT SAS France Preventative genetic biosensors Aquaculture, Blue biotechnology, Coastal and environmental protection, Coastal and marine tourism, Fisheries
Mold srl (River Cleaning) Italy River cleaning system Coastal and environmental protection, Clean-Up, Conservation Of Fauna And Flora
MP Yacht Design SL Spain Energy efficient vessel Aquaculture, Blue biotechnology, Blue energy, Fisheries, Marine services, Offshore oil and gas, Shipbuilding and ship repair, Transport
Mundus Fludi AG Germany Disinfection of water with UV and Ultra Sonic. Aquaculture, Key enabling technologies, Other