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Project name Countries Project one-liner Markets
Baltic Marine Systems Oü Estonia Engineering, production and post-sale maintenance Shipbuilding and ship repair
BELLEJO Belgium Circular Economy Cosmetics Company Blue biotechnology
Bio-marine Ingredients Ireland Ireland Marine ingredients bio-tech Blue biotechnology, Fisheries
BIOFABRIK Germany Plastic catalytic depolymerization Ocean waste management, Other
BioFeyn France Encapsulated aquafeed ingredient enhancement Aquaculture, Blue biotechnology
BioThoT France Biomass management and processing Aquaculture, Blue biotechnology, Fisheries, Ocean waste management
Bluemater S.A. Portugal Wastewater treatment solution Aquaculture, Blue biotechnology, Conservation Of Fauna And Flora
BluEnergy Revolution Italy Hydrogen technology to autonomous leisure boats. Blue energy, Key enabling technologies, Shipbuilding and ship repair
BlueNewables Spain Technologies for the offshore wind and solar markets Blue energy, Coastal and marine tourism, Marine services
BlueWise Marine Ireland We provide expert consultancy to help our clients commercialise their projects in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner. Why do they need us? Our USP… Our expertise in managing community relationships and our vast knowledge of the industry protocols will help to fast track your concept, turning an idea into a commercial reality and success. Marine services
Buggypower Spain Production of premium quality marine microalgae Aquaculture, Blue biotechnology
BunkerPlanner Denmark Reduce Bunker Cost and Usage using AI and Data Blue energy, ICT applied to maritime sector, Marine services
BuyCo France Logistics & Supply Chain Data Management, Transport
Calidris Bio Belgium Sustainable produced bacterial proteins for aquaculture feed. Aquaculture, Blue biotechnology, Blue energy, Key enabling technologies
CalWave Power Technologies UG Germany Wave energy converter Blue energy
Claim Greece Floating boom and marine litter collection and recovery system Clean-Up
Clean Shipping Assets Denmark Asset-backed investment opportunity 2-8 MEUR Transport
Clewat Oy Finland Multipurpose sea-cleaning vessels Ocean waste management
COBS : CONTAINER OVER BOARD SYSTEM Spain Clean Oceans | Maritime safety | Supply chain Coastal and environmental protection, Conservation Of Fauna And Flora, Key enabling technologies, Transport
CorPower Ocean AB Sweden Wave energy technology. Blue energy, Other