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Project name Countriessort descending Project one-liner Markets
SEAFLOATECH France Environmentally friendly marine floating modules. Coastal and environmental protection, Coastal and marine tourism
Ocergie SAS France Offshore solutions Aquaculture, Blue energy, Key enabling technologies
ADD Technologies France Wind propulsion system Blue energy, Shipbuilding and ship repair, Transport
BuyCo France Logistics & Supply Chain Data Management, Transport
SEATURNS France Wave energy conversion Blue energy, Other
TOWT - TransOceanic Wind Transport France Sailing cargo vessels Shipbuilding and ship repair, Transport
FARWIND France Zero-emissions fuel solution Blue energy, Key enabling technologies
AIRSEAS France Wind power harvest kite technology Blue energy, Marine services, Shipbuilding and ship repair, Transport
MAPPEM Geophysics France Marine electromagnetic investigation Blue energy, Key enabling technologies, Marine services, Offshore oil and gas, Other, Sea bed mineral resources
Crusta Nova | Sustainable Seafood Germany Landbased aquaculture and sustainable seafood Aquaculture, Fisheries
Gloasis GmbH Germany Aquaculture farms with energy production and passive desalination. Blue biotechnology
CalWave Power Technologies UG Germany Wave energy converter Blue energy
Mundus Fludi AG Germany Disinfection of water with UV and Ultra Sonic. Aquaculture, Key enabling technologies, Other
BIOFABRIK Germany Plastic catalytic depolymerization Ocean waste management, Other
PipePredict GmbH Germany Pipe burst predictions through AI Data, ICT applied to maritime sector, Sensors
tsenso GmbH Germany Dynamic food assessment technology Other, Transport
Wavy GmbH Germany Real-time yacht charter booking software Coastal and marine tourism, ICT applied to maritime sector, Key enabling technologies
Next Tuna Germany We create a sustainable tuna industry Aquaculture
Algoliner GmbH & Co. KG Germany Closed system algae biomass photobioreactors Blue biotechnology
HydroNeo Germany Smart management system for shrimp farm. Aquaculture