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Project name Countriessort descending Project one-liner Markets
AE-FishBIT Spain Monitoring of farmed fish health and welfare Aquaculture
MP Yacht Design SL Spain Energy efficient vessel Aquaculture, Blue biotechnology, Blue energy, Fisheries, Marine services, Offshore oil and gas, Shipbuilding and ship repair, Transport
SEAPort Solutions Spain Real time data exchange Data Management, ICT applied to maritime sector, Analysis, Data, Emissions, Ports, Training
ATOMS Spain Solution for maintenance & operations of offshore wind. Blue energy, Other
Ecos Estudios Ambientales y Oceanografia sl Spain Brine diffuser Coastal and environmental protection, Conservation Of Fauna And Flora, Marine services, Ocean waste management
e-Boats Experience Spain Perfect symbiosis between shipbuilding and rental Coastal and marine tourism
SEAFOODTOMORROW Spain PSP detoxification process for bivalve molluscs Aquaculture, Blue biotechnology, Coastal and environmental protection, Conservation of fauna and flora, Fisheries, ICT applied to maritime sector, Key enabling technologies, Marine services, Ocean waste management, Other
Novige AB Sweden Wave energy converter Blue energy
Eco Wave Power Sweden Ocean and sea wave energy production Blue energy
Pumped Hydro Storage Sweden AB Sweden The solution to sustainable energy in disused mines Blue energy
SeaTwirl S2 1 MW floating offshore wind demonstrator Sweden S2 will provide clean energy at competitive price. Aquaculture, Blue energy
Marine Feed Sweden AB Sweden Zero emission fish feed substitute Aquaculture
Simris Sweden Vegan and sustainable Omega-3 supplement Aquaculture, Blue biotechnology, Key enabling technologies
CorPower Ocean AB Sweden Wave energy technology. Blue energy, Other
Dolprop Industries AB Sweden New marine propulsion system to replace propellers Conservation Of Fauna And Flora
Aquammodate Sweden Accommodating the world's need for clean water Water Treatment, Other
PFS Sweden Organic micropollutant solution Blue biotechnology, Coastal and environmental protection