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Project name Countries Project one-liner Markets
13 Mari Ltd Bulgaria Retrofitting solutions for vessels. Shipbuilding and ship repair
ACE Aquatec United Kingdom Sustainable humane slaughter for fish Aquaculture, Marine services
Actiontracker solutions, s.l. Spain Data management AI with application for maritime. Coastal and environmental protection, Coastal and marine tourism, ICT applied to maritime sector, Key enabling technologies, Marine services
Acuinuga SL Spain Seawater recirculation system for fish & molluscs production Aquaculture, Blue biotechnology, Coastal and environmental protection, Conservation Of Fauna And Flora
ADD Technologies France Wind propulsion system Blue energy, Shipbuilding and ship repair, Transport
Adriatic Algae Biotech d.o.o. Croatia Microalgae biomass and fluids Aquaculture, Blue biotechnology
Advanced Ocean Technologies - Advanced Situation Awareness Solutions Greece Vessel situation awareness and collision detection ICT applied to maritime sector
AE-FishBIT Spain Monitoring of farmed fish health and welfare Aquaculture
Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas Spain A web platform that predicts evolution of spills under demand; and a data server that provides very high resolution currents data in coastal domains Aquaculture
Agri-Wise Portugal Lda Portugal Aquaponics-based agriculture. Aquaculture, Blue biotechnology
Agriloops France Salt water aquaponics farms Aquaculture
AIRSEAS France Wind power harvest kite technology Blue energy, Marine services, Shipbuilding and ship repair, Transport
ALGAENERGY S.A. Spain Bio-tech microalgae Blue biotechnology
Algaesys Lda Portugal The generational change in wastewater treatment Aquaculture, Coastal and environmental protection, Other
Algaria Srl Italy Vertical food an ingredients farming Aquaculture, Blue biotechnology, Key enabling technologies
Algoliner GmbH & Co. KG Germany Closed system algae biomass photobioreactors Blue biotechnology
Algonomi Oy Finland Cultivation of microalgae in a closed bioreactor for the production of bioingredients. Blue biotechnology
AllWaves BV Belgium AllWaves world first underwater technology makes waves arise out of the blue. Coastal and marine tourism
Alveus d.o.o. Croatia Shipbuilding and ship repair using composite materials Shipbuilding and ship repair
APL Systems Finland Pump and engine acoustic algorithms monitoring Blue energy, ICT applied to maritime sector, Key enabling technologies, Shipbuilding and ship repair