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Pipeline projects

Project name Countries Project one-liner Markets
PFS Sweden Organic micropollutant solution Blue biotechnology, Coastal and environmental protection
Pharem Biotech AB Sweden Advanced enzymatic treatment for removal of harmful organic compounds in demanding water environments Blue biotechnology
PHEE PC Greece Biocomposite materials filled by Posidonia residues Aquaculture, Key enabling technologies
PipePredict GmbH Germany Pipe burst predictions through AI Data, ICT applied to maritime sector, Sensors
Plastic Fischer Germany Low-tech solutions to collect plastic from rivers Coastal and environmental protection, Ocean waste management
Plastic Playgrounds Netherlands Creates sustainable and circular sports and sport events from recycled fishing nets. Conservation Of Fauna And Flora, Coastal and marine tourism, Ocean waste management, Other
Plavi svijet d.o.o. Croatia AI solutions for dolphin watching operators and research entities to effectively manage their fleets. Promotion of solar- and electrically propelled catamarans for the industry. Coastal and marine tourism
Podium United Kingdom Maritime integration platform Routing
Power Algae Estonia Microalgae photobioreactors Blue biotechnology, ICT applied to maritime sector
PowerUP Estonia We offer renewable energy solutions Other, Transport
PREFABRICADOS FORMEX SL Spain Floating farm structures for mussels harvest. Aquaculture
Proteus Innovation Spain A USV capable of coming to the rescue of a victim Coastal and environmental protection
Pumped Hydro Storage Sweden AB Sweden The solution to sustainable energy in disused mines Blue energy
Pure Algae Denmark ApS Denmark Sustainable solution for land-based seaweed cultivation Blue energy, Transport
PurOceans Technology Sia Latvia Solution for cleaning deep water floors from oil and micro-plastic polluting sediments. Coastal and environmental protection
QED Naval Limited United Kingdom Tidal energy and turbine developer Blue energy
Raceix Ireland Smart operating system for recreational boats Coastal and environmental protection, Coastal and marine tourism, ICT applied to maritime sector
Radiantfleet Cyprus Software solution provider for ship management companies, ship owners and crewing agencies. ICT applied to maritime sector
RanMarine Technology BV Netherlands Drone for ocean waste collection Other
Reefy B.V. Netherlands Reef enhancing breakwater for underwater artificial reef structure. Blue energy