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GMES Fast Track Marine Core Service Strategic Implementation Plan 2010 Version

Published on: Mon, 12/04/2010 - 08:13
Table of Contents

    The Documents here are not the finished article. They are not the opinion of the Marine Core Service Implementation Group. They are work in progress.

    The GMES Marine Core Service Implementation Group implementation plan was one of the inputs that helped define the prototype marine core service MyOcean. Based on experience gained since then the implementation group is preparing an update.

    29 March 2010 version with some modifications by GMES Bureau
    30 March 2010 version with some modifications by GMES Bureau reformatted with proper headers
    12 April 2010

    version with some changes by MARE

    This is work in progress. The executive summary has not been changed because this will depend on the final version of the full text. Neither have the appendices. Section 3 on required observation infrastructure needs looking at in the light of the Communication on the space component. Section 6 on examples is untouched.

    version with MARE changes marked up as track changes (GMES Bureau changes have all been accepted)

    14 April 2010

    New version has further modifications. Executive summary has been deleted because it no longer corresponds to main text and is too long anyway. Once we have agreed on text we can rewrite the executive summary

    version with track changes

    16 April 2010

    Final version before the meeting. Some stuff(old projects) put in appendix) and some other updates

    clean version

    version with track changes


    19 April 2010

    On Friday 16 April, Bureau, MARE and MeteoFrance sat together and decided previous vetsion was repetitive and overtaken by event - particurly the MyOcean project. Bureau worked further on the document starting from the version as modified earlier in the day

    this is latest version 

    20 April 2010 Some suggestions from ENV
    26 April 2010

    latest version includes proposals by MARE and ENV marked up. Appendix 4 was deleted because it seems to repeat what has been said in the text and is anyway inaccurate as to what is produced by MyOCean. There is a new table showing products of thematic assembly centres.

    here it is

    4 May 2010

    Dear Colleagues,

    I send you a new revised version of the SIM,

    I hope that you will receive it.

    With my best regards