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Event date:
01/07/2010 - 10:00 to 18:00
Table of Contents


    The Plenary of ACFA will have a meeting on 1/7/2010. Chairman and vice chairmen for a term of office of 3 years will be elected at this meeting.

    The meeting will take place in Brussels, CCAB (rue Froissart, 36) room 4D

    Agenda EN, ES, FR


    Minutes EN, ES, FR


    Provisional documents (the will become final only after adoption by the Plenary)

    1. Election of Chairman and Vice chairmen of ACFA

    2. Adoption of the agenda and approval of the minutes of previous meeting (see minutes of 9/12/2009 in this forum)

    3. Adoption of:

    3.1 Schedule of ACFA meetings (EN, ES, FR)

    3.2 Ratification of the work programme and Internal rules

    3.3 ACFA's Advice on Harmonisation in Terminology

    3.4 ACFA's Advice on the definition of SSCF (EN, ES, FR)

    4. ACFA's representative in RACs, ICES and STECF meetings

    5. Information on  DG MARE'S Work programme for 2010 (EN)