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Plenary Session I: Sustainability, Science and Innovation

Event date:
19/05/2010 - 16:45 to 18:30
Table of Contents

    This plenary session will bring together the results of the Euromares conference on the assessment of the marine environment and the sessions related to science and innovation, as well as policy responses to challenges identified. 


    P R O G R A M M E

     Wednesday 19, 16:45-18:30

      Room: Teatro Auditorio (Laboral)    


    CHAIR: Don Felipe Pétriz Calvo, Secretary of State for Research, Spain 

    Janez Potočnik, Member of the European Commission responsible for Environment  

    Juan Carlos Martín Fragueiro, Secretary General for the Sea, Spain 

    Isabella Lövin, Member of the European Parliament, Vice-Chair the EP Intergroup Seas and Coastal Zones     

    Arvid Hallén, Director General, the Research Council of Norway 

    Dr Peter Heffernan, Chief Executive, Irish Marine Institute    

    Professor Peter Herzig, Director of the Leibniz Institute of Marines Sciences (IFM-GEOMAR)

    Rapporteurs from workshops of the day on science, innovation and environment