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17/05/2010 - 09:00 to 21/05/2010 - 13:00
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    A fascinating programme of events will take place in Gijón during the European Maritime Day Stakeholder Conference.


    Participants in the European Maritime Day Stakeholder Conference are all invited to a cocktail on 20 May 18:30 hosted by the Gijón City Council. 

    The cocktail will be followed by a Philharmonic Concert hosted by the Governement of the Principaliy of Asturias. 

    Venue of the events: La Laboral Ciudad de la Cultura


    This is what you can do:


    Visit the expansion works at Port of Gijón and the exhibition "Gijón PORT-CITY together"    

    Expansion works    

    Venue: Port of Gijón, from 19 to 21 May 2010  

    The current expansion project of the Port of Gijón consists of constructing a new breakwater that, starting from Cape Torres and running for a total length of 3,834 metres along three differently structured alignments, was to form a wharf containing 140 Ha of sheltered waters. It also includes the construction of a quay located to the north of the wharf that measured 1,250 metres in length with draughts ranging between 23 and 27 metres and a width of over 400 m to allow for the simultaneous berthing of three bulk carriers of 230,000 DWT and 20 metres of draught. The inner slopes located to the West and South of the wharf complete the backfill protection, with a length of 1,732 m to give a total surface area of 145 Ha with land entirely reclaimed from the sea.   

    The new dry bulk terminal to be established in these facilities will have an unload capacity of over 25 million tons and a 60 Ha storage area to allow for the storing of up to 2 million tons of iron ore and coal.  

    Exhibition Gijón Port-City Together 

    Venue: La Rula Exhibition Hall – Gijón Marina, from 19 May to 19 November 2010 

    The Exhibition "Gijón: PORT & CITY Together” will be opened during European Maritime Day and will focus on the European Sea Ports Organisation Award 2009 on the societal integration of ports awarded to Port of Gijón.  

    The Port Authority of Gijón organises Exhibitions in La Rula Hall at the Gijón Marina since 2002, with more than 600,000 visitors to 24 Exhibitions up to now.   

    Exhibition of historic photography: “Men and ships. Photography of Spanish Navy in the Madrid Naval Museum (1850-1935)”

    Venue: Centro Cultural Cajastur Muralla Romana.  Opening 19 May 13:00  

    The exhibition shows sixty five copies of the original photographs from the Madrid Naval Museum. All the images have been selected among more than two hundred photographs published in the catalogue of the same title edited in a collection devoted to military photography. One of the objective of the exhibition is to contribute to show historical image of the Spanish Navy through photography.

    Another objective is to confirm the interest on military photographs as historical heritage.

    Visit the robotic fish at Port of Gijón – SHOAL project

    Venue: Port of Gijón    

    SHOAL project, supported by the EU 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, aims to develop number of robotic fish that will work together in order to monitor and search for pollution in ports and other aquatic areas. The Port Authority of Gijón, member of the project team, is the testing port for this new application and will make it available to students and the general public.

    Vessels at berth  

    Venue: Port of Gijón, the week 17 - 20 May 2010 

    You can visit:   

    Participate in "Ho’okupu" and in the cleaning of the San Lorenzo Beach organised by Surfrider Foundation Europe  


    Venue: San Lorenzo Beach, Gijón

    Surfrider Foundation Europe organises the "Ho’okupu, Oceanic Initiative", a Hawaiian surfer’s ceremony in which surfers paddle out and form a circle in the water. It will take place on 20 May with the involvement of surfers, local people and activists. The objective of the initiative is to reaffirms the surfers’ community and respect of the sea.

    The event will take place on 20 May, 16:45 to 18:00.

    Ocean initiatives  - beach clean up

    Venue: Arbeyal beach, Gijón

    Ocean Initiatives has been organised every year throughout Europe by Surfrider Foundation for the past 15 years. It’s a eco-citizen weekend of global scale, dealing with the problem of macro-waste and dedicated to the protection of our coast, our lakes and our rivers.

    The beach clean-up will take place on 20 May, 11:00 to 12:30.

    Demonstration of Inter-agency cooperation at Sea  

    Venue: San Lorenzo Bay          

    There are different agencies and organizations with means to operate at sea in accordance with their legal competences. Cooperation and coordination between them is essential to guarantee the effectiveness of the action of the state at sea.                     

    During the European Maritime Day there will be a demonstration of inter-agency cooperation at sea with vessels and assets form the following Spanish Institutions / Agencies: Air force, Directorate for Custom Control (DAVA), Guardia Civil, Maritime Safety (SASEMAR), Navy (Armada), Red Cross, Secretary General of the Sea (SEGEMAR).                       

    During the show, which will last for 45 minutes there will be simultaneous activities related to maritime search and rescue, medical evacuation from ships, fast-rope of a Marine team from helicopter and the interception of a smuggler boat.     

    The event will take place on 20 May, 16:15 

    Visit the Jovellanos Integral Maritime Safety Centre and the Gijón Oceanographic Centre

    Workshop for children

    Reception onboard Principe de Asturias (Restricted Event)

    Venue: Principe de Asturias

    The Spanish Navy will host a reception onboard aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias sponsored by the Research Council of Norway   

    The event will take place on 19 May and will start at 19:30. Attendance to this event is by official invitation only.