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ICES Workshop on Implementing the ICES MSY Framework-WKFRAME. 22–26 March in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Event date:
22/03/2010 - 12:00
Table of Contents

    2009/2/ACOM56       The Workshop on Implementing the ICES MSY Framework [WKFRAME], chaired by Ciaran Kelly, Ireland, will be established and will meet in ICES HQ, Copenhagen, Denmark, 22 (Midday)-26 (Midday) March 2010 to:

    a)       Provide technical guidelines for the implementation of the MSY framework that ACOM adopted in December 2009. These guidelines are for the use of expert groups and advice drafting groups;

    b)       These guidelines shall address:

    1. Estimation of  Fmsy including candidates to serve as proxies to be used  when catch projection are performance,
    2. So called data poor situations when catch projections cannot be performed, however there is information that indicates exploitation pressure and/or stock trends (data poor situations);

    c)       Illustrate the guidelines on selected stocks using the 2009 assessment and advice as basis and compare the 2009 advice with the outcome that might have resulted from an advice based on the MSY framework.

    The Chair will organise the presentation of a working paper that reviews the assessment and advisory approach taken for data poor stocks. This paper shall review cases both within and outside the ICES area.

    The workshop will be open to stakeholders. The Group will report by 31 March for the attention of the Advisory Committee.