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"Port Research and Development in Europe" (3.8)

Event date:
19/05/2010 - 16:45 to 18:30
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    An integrated approach to maritime policy in the EU has to be based on interdisciplinary scientific and technological knowledge. There are currently many research and investigation activities related to maritime and port issues in the EU and some attempts at coherent integration models have been made. The PORT R&D workshop aims to show the current state of the art in Europe through some specific examples of applied research on ports with projects from the 6th & 7th Framework Programmes.


    P R O G R A M M E   

    Wednesday 19, 16:45-18:30

    Room: Sala Azul (Laboral) 


    CHAIR: Jens Froese - Technical University Hamburg  

    Prof Valerio Recagno, EIRAC - European Intermodal Research Advisory Council, Genoa

    Dr Tony Morrall,  BMT, ECMAR- European Council for Maritime Applied Research – Port R&D   

    Jan Tore Pedersen, BMT, FREIGHTWISE and e-FREIGTH projects  

    Dr. Luke Speller, SHOAL project – FP7 - Port water surveillance using robotic fish

    Pablo de Castro,  SKEMA Project – FP7 - Port Technologies 

    Humberto Moyano, Port of Gijon R&D Director: Port of Gijon R&D: from FP3 to FP7 - 1992 – 2012 


    (Lead: Port of Gijón)