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Algae for Food

Published on: Fri, 04/11/2022 - 17:10
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    Algae for Food

    Working Group 3. Algae for Food will support the broader adoption of algae for food purposes. Algae are already used in human nutrition as food (fresh, fermented, dried, or frozen, either whole or milled into differently sized flakes, granules, or powders) or as food additives, ingredients, and supplements. They are source of new tastes with the umami taste. Besides, algae have interesting nutritional proprieties which have recently been highlighted and could play a role in food security and fighting malnutrition. Algae are also a natural source of micro-and macro- nutrients, as well as trace elements, which have their interest in human health. Moreover, they are landless food production relatively rich in nutrient compared to land grown plants.

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