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Alytus Jotvingiai Gymnasium

Expert(s) : Alytus Jotvingiai Gymnasium
Alytus, Lithuania
Type of member : School
Sea basin :
  • Baltic Sea
Topics :
  • Healthy and clean ocean
Environmental domains :
  • Marine/Ocean
Main activities :
  • Education
Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental problems of our age, it threatens all living beings in the seas. This project aims to raise students 'awareness of the environment and develop activities related to STEAM careers, to understand the causes of plastics pollution. Working together in Etwinning platform with Italian and Greek schools, we organized activities: discussions, forums, online meetings. Students focused on the study and understanding of plastic pollution routes, the impact on marine ecosystems and new pollution monitoring and removal technologies. Students also relied on various aspects of the functioning of the green economy from a circular economy perspective. In addition, contributions made to the development of 21st-century skills. Students develop English language (CLIL) and public speaking skills, deepen their knowledge of plastic pollution. This initiative encourages students to actively learn, improve their communication skills, and provide an opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge and skills about the ocean, starting with their social environment. On the gymnasium page, we created a network for the dissemination of good practice. In cooperation with universities and NBS Experts, we organized STEAM career events. The lecture "My perfect career with STEAM in Blue Ocean" was given by VilniusTech University Environmental and Water Engineering doc. dr. Professor Marina Valentukevičienė. The aim is to encourage the younger generation in the 21st century challenges, to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, to acquaint students appropriately with the opportunities of STEAM career professions. STEAM career event with NBS expert Cristina Calheiros, Netherlands (Leading Professional in Water Resilient Cities at RHDHV. Pupils were actively interested in various fields and asked questions about water issues. RHDHV) The aim of the meeting was to interest the students and deepen their knowledge about climate change, research on climate reduction to reduce water pollution.