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EPLO Institute for Sustainable Development

Expert(s) : Christina Deligianni, Spyros Kouvelis
Athens, Greece, Cascais, Portugal , Greece
Type of member : Inter-governmental
Sea basin :
  • Atlantic Ocean (including North Sea)
  • Mediterranean Sea
Topics :
  • Food from the ocean
  • Climate and the ocean
  • Healthy and clean ocean
  • EPLO/ISD has organized the first two Blue Economy Fora in Greece and the region with a European and international focus. We have
Environmental domains :
Main activities :
  • Policy
The Institute for Sustainable Development is an initiative of the European Public Law Organization (EPLO), an international organization, and its European Law and Governance School (ELGS). Drawing on the experience and expertise of its founding institutions and its human potential the Institute is uniquely positioned to support both the public and private sector in building implementation and governance capacity to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and to promote Sustainable Development and the European Green Deal, and the Blue Economy, by strengthening the knowledge, capabilities and structures of public and private sector institutions in the developed and developing world. Physically based in the EPLO offices, the Institute operates as a virtual center bringing together knowledge and expertise across different resources and geographies and making them accessible to organizations world-wide. The Institute delivers its face-to-face programs and services on site, at the ELGS academy in Athens, and at the EPLO offices around the world. Core activities/ What we do The Institute for Sustainable Development services include: • Capacity building and training programs, including masterclasses, training seminars, and a Master’s Degree (under establishment) enabling organizations to develop the knowledge, skills, leadership and practice relating to Sustainable Development, the implementation of the SDGs, esp. SDG14, and the European Green Deal, including strategy, operations, and monitoring; • Strategic guidance and operational support, to help institutions in the public and private sectors address the complexity of cross-sectoral policies and activities and develop structures and systems to optimize funding, partnerships and impact in relation to sustainable development; • Research, to support implementation and establish best practice in the areas of governance, collaboration, institutional capability and leadership to deliver the SDGs and to facilitate the implementation the European Green Deal, providing practical tools and methodologies. Programs and services are informed by the latest academic insights and leading practice, including in Sustainable Development, the implementation of the SDGs, the European Green Deal, the Blue Economy and its Investment Plan, and in accordance with the activities of United Nations entities, European Union structures and the principles and frameworks of relevant international organizations and bodies.