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OCEAN - An immersive exhibition about Europe’s maritime heritage

Published on: Wed, 22/06/2022 - 12:18
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    From 25 June to 10 July, the OCEAN exhibition made a stopover in Lisbon in Portugal

    This traveling exhibition invites the visitors to discover the great wealth of the European maritime heritage and culture deeply rooted in the ocean.

    The European history and identity have been shaped by the sea. Nowadays, Europe has the largest maritime area in the world covering 18 millions km² and 70,000 kilometers of coastline on which almost 40% of the European population lives.

    The wonders of the marine environment are shown through an immersive scenography. The visitors are transported into the heart of the ocean and learn about their historical and cultural maritime heritage, but also about the essential place the Ocean holds in their lives through climate regulation; food supply and business.

    The exhibition was developed on the occasion of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union. After the official opening at One Ocean Summit in Brest last February, it travelled to Toulouse and Dunkirk before arriving Lisbon.

    The ocean is at the heart of nowadays’ societal, economical and ecological challenges. Human well-being depends on the its health. Exploring a forty-metre-long fresco and « deep-diving » under a ten-metre large dome where a 360° movie provides an immersive experience, the exhibition highlights initiatives in favour of marine environnements and suggests ways to act, by participating in environmental preservation actions and by contributing to citizen science programmes. From Laurent Ballesta, a photographer and diver of the Gombessa expeditions, to small-scale fishermen, listen to the voices of the ocean and of the people who live on it and protect it every day.

    The OCEAN exhibition features Young Ocean Advocates and Forum members:

    • 4P Shore & Seas, an organisation aiming at preserving and depolluting the coastal zone. 4 P in other words: Plastic Path – Planet Project.

    • Sailing Hirondelle, an expedition in Brittany, France, dedicated to raising awareness of a more sustainable human relationship with the ocean and exploring the ocean through the tales of people who sail and protect it.

    • Children for the oceans, a non-profit organisation created by a teenager to increase children’s awareness of the necessity to protect and care for the ocean.

    On the occasion of the UN Ocean Conference, you can visit the exhibition from the 25 June until the 10 July at:

    Museu de Marinha
    Praça do Império
    1400-206 Lisbon

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