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Project: To the way (to the manner)

School information

School name
IES Félix Muriel (cód. 15026807)
School name in native language
IES Félix Muriel
School year:
  • 2022-2023
City & Country
:  Rianxo, A Coruña, Spain
Sea basin:
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • Coastal: <20 km from the sea

Project information

Project name in native language
Ao xeito
Duration of the project
September, 2022 - June, 2024
Level of education:
  • Secondary school
Project description:
An multidisciplinary project around the sea that was born from the very nature of Rianxo as a fishing village and that seeks to turn the IES Félix Muriel de Rianxo into the first European Blue School in Galicia. The aim must be specified through didactic actions that allow learning based on the feedback of knowledge in a collaborative way by the educational community and its social and natural environment. These actions will encourage design, experimentation, product creation and problem solving from an eco-social, ecolinguistic, ecological and ecofeminist perspective, based on mixed, co-educational and peer learning that have both an impact and an impact on the natural environment and the community.
  • Healthy Ocean
  • Food from the Ocean
  • Ocean and Climate
  • Biotechnology
  • Maritime Culture
  • Biodiversity