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Expert(s) : Folco Soffietti
Venice, Italy
Type of member : Project
Sea basin :
  • Mediterranean Sea
Topics :
  • Healthy and clean ocean
Environmental domains :
  • Marine/Ocean
Main activities :
  • Marine Science / Research
The project coordinated by CORILA is composed on ten entities (CNR-ISMAR, IUAV, Shom, OFB, IEO, YPEN, UTH, RRC Koper, PA) that are, or represent national Competent Authorities for the implementation of MSP in Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Slovenia and Malta. The overall objective of the MSP-MED project is to favour the Maritime Spatial Planning process in the Mediterranean Sea, by supporting the establishment of coherent and coordinated plans across the Mediterranean marine regions and between Member States, in line with the MSP Directive objectives. The project will support the definition of the different national MSP objectives through specific tasks, supporting the roadmaps towards the plans’ adoption of the participating Member States. The aims include the sharing of most MSP and marine relevant information, particularly those having transnational relevance, and the promotion of an effective exchange of experiences between Mediterranean Member States and non-EU countries.