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Continuation of the EU4Ocean coalition’s work (CINEA/2022/OP/0009)

Published on: Tue, 05/04/2022 - 10:08
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    The main objective of this action is to ensure the continuity of the established EU4Ocean coalition, launched in 2020 to boost ocean literacy in Europe, to consolidate further its activities, offer appropriate services to its members and to broaden its scope and coverage across Europe.
    Continuation of the EU4Ocean coalition's work

    CINEA wishes to conclude a service contract for the continuation of the established platform’s work and further expanding and consolidating the activities of the EU4Ocean coalition, towards yielding quantifiable results, developing current activities further and creating new, impactful and visible ones.

    The tenderer must explain therefore how the WPs will be implemented and the work organised in order to provide the deliverables requested and meet the objectives of the contract.

    This service contract has an EU-wide geographical scope and coverage and aims to promote ocean literacy to all European sea-basins and inland waters. The services to be delivered will cover all EU Member States, including their Outermost Regions and will include knowledge, information, data, good practices from the European Economic Area (EEA) countries.

    Reference: Call for tenders CINEA/2022/OP/0009
    Continuation of the EU4Ocean coalition’s work
    (WP EMFAF/2021-3.4.6.)

    The contract resulting from the award of this call for tenders will be concluded for at most 36 months. The details of the contract duration are set out in Article I.3 of the draft contract. Renewal of the contract is not possible.