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The Youth4Ocean Forum is calling all young people in Italy to celebrate the Ocean!

Published on: Fri, 25/03/2022 - 12:36
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    The Youth4Ocean Forum is participating in the Ravenna Seaside Events, organised by the Municipality of Ravenna, Italy, from 20th to 22nd May 2022. This event is organised back-to-back with the European Maritime Day and the EU4Ocean Summit.

    The event is a series of events taking place in the area of the Darsena, a canal built in 1737 which is today the meeting point between past and present, and between new infrastructures and industrial archaeology, and elsewhere in the city centre and Ravenna’s shoreline. Through guided tours and hands-on activities, the event will celebrate the rich heritage of the City of Ravenna and its link to the Sea.

    What we are looking for

    The Youth4Ocean Forum is looking for engaging hands-on ocean literacy activities to raise awareness of the importance of the ocean, marine resources and ocean science for the blue economy in Europe. All kinds of activities are welcome and there’s no limit to imagination!

    You should be:

    • 16-30 years old (parental authorisation is required if you are below 18)
    • Located in Italy and able to travel to Ravenna on 20-22 May to carry out your activity
    • Able to carry out your activity in Italian

    The activity will be carried out at the shared stand of the Municipality of Ravenna, DGMARE and the EU4OCEAN Coalition. The booth location is free of charge.

    The activity needs to:

    • be related to the theme “Healthy Ocean”
    • be hands-on: contain elements of fun and education,
    • engage young people, families and other general public at large
    • be self-sufficient (no budget is available for any material necessary for the activity)
    • last 15 to 30 minutes, and it will be repeated 5 times

    Some examples to get you started:

    • Hands-on learning activities and games
    • Quizzes;
    • Guided walks to raise awareness of local biodiversity and challenges
    • Practical marine science experiments or science shows;
    • Arts and photo exhibitions about the ocean;
    • Songs for the ocean;
    • DIY crafts about the ocean;

    How to apply

    We challenge you to come up with a fun and engaging activity and to submit it to us by 15th April 2022.

    The applicants(s) of the 5 best activity proposals will be accredited as Young Ocean Advocates and their travel and subsistence costs can be covered by the Youth4Ocean Forum (Terms and conditions apply)


    Click HERE to apply.

    Your project is not related to this call? You can still submit it HERE to become a Young Ocean Advocate.