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Workshop on Integration, Scaling Up and Cooperation with other EU Funding Instruments

Event date:
28/02/2022 - 09:00
Table of Contents
    In this workshop we will discuss specific questions on what integration, scaling up and cooperation between the EMFF/EMFAF and other EU funding instruments means

    This workshop is the first in a series of workshops being developed under the “Synergies and Clustering between Maritime Projects” initiative funded by EMFF (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund). In this workshop we will discuss specific questions on what integration, scaling up and cooperation with other EU funding instruments means. The workshop will start with a focus on a system level and explore with participants the current R&I policy drivers, the funding mechanisms available and both existing and planned efforts to support coordination going forward. We will then delve deeper to a beneficiary level through Case Study presentations. The workshop will be supported by interactive sessions to allow participants to share their own experiences. Using a co-creation and participatory approach we aim to achieve a common understanding as well as gain insights and knowledge on the following elements:

    • Clarity: Understanding of the policy and funding landscape going forward and where there is high potential for integration and cooperation.
    • Purpose: Clarity and consensus on the benefits of integration and cooperation at different scales.
    • Vision: Reflection on how to enable scale up of needed solutions to achieve ambitious policy targets.
    • Barriers: Identification of potential barriers and ideas to overcome.
    • Funding: Insights into how to optimise the use of public funds and leverage other funding sources.
    • Best Practice: Identification of effective methods and tools to support integration, scale-up and cooperation.

    The recording of the workshop is available below:


    Workshop report




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