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Venice Climate Change Pavilion

EU Young Ocean Advocate:

City & Country:

Venice, Italy

Project stage:

Stage 4: Growth

Sea basin:

  • Mediterranean Sea


  • Climate and the ocean


  • Community engagement - work with local communities to solve local marine and social challenges and with high social acceptance potential
  • Arts: work or artistic expression relating to the ocean - visual arts (drawing, painting, photography, filmmaking, sculpting, etc.), literature (fiction, drama, poetry) and performing arts (dance, music, theatre)

Venice Climate Change Pavilion is a project which shows climate change data in the venetian lagoon through AR digital sculptures.The aim is to raise awareness about the fragility of the ecosystem,the pollution levels of air and water and the losses in terms of heritage that climate change will cause. The digital matter of the project is working at the intersection of ART, RESEARCH, CLIMATE CHANGE SCIENCE ,DATA, ARCHITECTURE,TACTICAL URBANISM.“Using the Genius Loci of the data of the city as a methodology”,means that the citiziens can see the data layer of city through digital architectures which are an innovative awareness tools.The pedagogy of beauty is a fundamental tool for the people to start seeing and understanding that they are part of the city’s ecosystem as citiziens and as human beings, raising the sense of care and belonging, the fundamentals of future policies for sustainable cities. The pilot project which started in May 2021 and, with 180 QR Codes distributed in the city reached more that 1800 people in less than 5 days. It started from Venice,as an experimental and complex lab of fragility. The entire city,is our pavilion that we live everyday as citiziens and human beings, as part of the Lagoon’s ecosystem. That’s why 3 prototypes are available everywhere anytime with an horizontal access. Because you feel you belong there, you are part of the genius loci. And the beauty of the place becomes part of you.