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Letizia Artioli

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City & Country:

Venezia, Italy


  • Climate change
  • Marine pollution
  • Science communication
  • Visual arts (drawing, painting, photography, filmmaking, sculpting, etc.)


Urban Planning; Architecture; Public Space Regeneration; Public Speaking; Cultural Project Management; Innovation and Interdisciplinarity Project Creating; Interdisciplinar Networking; Climate Change Data Visualization; S-T-ARTS Creating; AR Developing; Video making; Photography; Visual Storytelling; 3D Rendering; Website Design; Graphic Design; Illustration; Translation (ENG/FR/ES/CAT/IT);

I am Letizia Artioli, born in Italy,anno domini 1993.I Graduated at Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture of Saint Etienne-ENSASE (France). My professional and academic background’s structure comes from international and cross-disciplinary experiences in the architecture field between France, Spain and Italy (EMBT Miralles Tagliabue Studio -Barcelona-, MYGG Design,Parallèle Architecture -Lyon-,CFK ) and research projects from Yerevan to Kochi, From CDMX to Ubud 2016 to 2020. These experiences led me to the awareness of the need of a deeper knowledge of the spatial matter, the natural and anthropogenic systems and how to really make a difference into the everyday life of an urban inhabitant.As an architect, a european citizen and as a human being these are disappointing and disorienting times. We are swallowed in chaos of data where we are supposed to find answers, but we have lost the questions who could explain our liquid modernity.In a world where we are spectators of the destruction of our planet’s ecosystems, the duty of the architect is to question in a deepen way what does “to build” means. My practice since i graduated focuses on the hybridations through architecture, climate change science and art, in a way of conceiving urban regeneration and innovative solutions of cultural diffusion, with projects who aim to have a new interdisciplinary language for contemporary emptyness in public spaces AKA awareness for the incoming post-disruptive climate changed digital future.In this post-pandemic world, the 33rd moving in 7 years is in Venice,Santa Croce district.

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