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Revolution is in the hair

EU Young Ocean Advocate:

City & Country:

Strasbourg, France

Project stage:

Stage 3: Pilot phase

Sea basin:

  • Mediterranean Sea


  • Healthy and clean ocean


  • Research related to solve marine and societal challenges
  • Community engagement - work with local communities to solve local marine and social challenges and with high social acceptance potential

The project is about collecting hair waste and animal fur to transform those fibers into valuable cleaning tools. 1kg of hair/fur can absorb until 8 liters of oil (source NASA) We work with hairdresser and also with refuge and vets. They collect their waste and bring them in our local antenna. There, together with volunteers we use a low tech machine designed by Matter of Trust, a pioneer NGO involved in water and soil cleaning thanks to those organic filters. We started during the Mauritius oil spills in august 2020. We realized that there was a real will from the local population to get involved and at the same time that tons of hair were thrown away each year even if they could be used as a ressource to help cleaning our water and soil ressources. That's why we decide to work on a project in our native city : Strasbourg.