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"Maritime Heritage: A single market?" (1.10)

Event date:
19/05/2010 - 09:00 to 10:45
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    There is a great value for the maritime heritage to sail around within EU, however there is no single market for our vessels and boats. For young people to keep up traditional skills we need to create a paneuropean market for the traditional vessels still in operations.


    P R O G R A M M E

    Wednesday 19, 09:-10:45

    Room: Teatro Sala Casona (Laboral)


    CHAIR: Per Jessing, President European Maritime Heritage 

    Michael vom Baur, Former President European Maritime Heritage 

    Hendrik Boland, Vice President European Maritime Heritage 

    Alan Edenborough, Project Director & Specialist Consultant, Sydney Heritage Fleet


    (Lead: European Maritime Heritage)